A Language Problem: Take one naive book dealer.  Add a demons-summoning spell.  Mix and serve hot.
Bonding Agent: Set in the world of 'Dichotomy', two young researches make a problematic discovery.  With illustrations! 
The Dancers: For a slave, Silphe can at least be assured that, ultimately, her body is her own.  However, throw in a sorcerer, and all bets are off...
Dichotomy part 1: Two young women become closer than they ever dreamed...or wanted.
Dichotomy part 2:  The heroines from the previous story try to live in a world that sees them as freaks.
Green and Gold:  A quartet of stories I did for Shecky's back in the day.  I had to combine thee first two chapters because the first story didn't have any conjoinments in it...
                    Part One:  Box of Knives & Triple Sawing
                    Part Two:  Head Games
                    Part Three:  The Future Of Magic
Further Language Problems: The long-awaited sequel to A Language Problem.   Different demons, different mortal -- different problem?  Yikes! 
Further Trials of Modeling: A semi-sequel to Trials And Tribulations of Modeling:  It involves Amber, a model who's been a victim of the darker side of her trade receiving an offer from the creator of MultiWear...
More is Better:  Abigail's lover decides to do something about her low brain power...with surprising results.
My Sister's Keeper: Finally, the story of Phoebe and Deborah can be told!
                    Part One: Revelation
                   Part Two:  The Beginning 
                   Part Three: Halloween Special
Needle:  It IS a puzzler isn't it?  How to keep a family together when one member just WON'T cooperate?  Mr. Haystack could give you a few pointers, if you ask him nicely...  
Needle Two: Just when you thought it was safe to go back to a small town in ex-model discovers that if a job offer sounds too good to be true then it probably is.  
On A Sharp Point  This first appeared on Multibreast's website; I've decided to re-edit it and post it here.
Only Once a Year: Magic costumes can be more than fun, they can grant wishes as well!
Queen of Hearts:  May be more than one story...set in the world created by Frank Clockwork, it's about two agents targeted for fiendish revenge...
                   Part One: Drawing The Queen
Power of Three:  In a world of magic, a strange plague strikes the land, rendering barren what was once green.  Only the courage of two young princesses stand against the tide...until someone else intervenes.
Tripin': Also set in the world of Clockwork, about three friends to wish to preserve their friendship...regardless of the cost
Trials And Tribulations of Modeling: Three friends who are models in the exciting world of enchanted fashions are working on a  mysterious shoot that will change their lives forever.
View From a Car: Based on Ariel's picture of the same name; a short, fast-moving piece.
View From Outside: The sequel to 'View From a Car'