More Is Better
by Dr. Mercurious
Abigail had just finished packing to go home when she ran into Michelle coming the other way, a look of concern on her face. "I heard about the call," the black-haired, blue-eyed woman said. "Whatís wrong with Suzie?"
Abigail gave a worried shrug. "I donít know. She didnít come in today because she said she had a tummy ache, and then she called me in mid-shoot. She just said something happened and she sounded...odd."
"Anything I can do to help?"
Abigail smiled. She and Suzie both liked Michelle, and knew Michelle more-than-liked Suzie ever since the three of them were cast in a three-way a few months back. "I donít know, but Iíll give you a call as soon as I hear, okay?"
Michelle returned the smile. "Thanks, Abigail!" Another reason to like Michelle; she never called Abigail by her most popular nickname -- Abs.
Abigail gave her a hug, brushed back her auburn hair, and drove out of the Passion Flash Film Studio parking lot, trying not to worry. Suzie hadnít asked her to come home, but Abigail was deeply in love with the tiny blonde and -- in moments of honesty -- admitted to being a tad overprotective. Sheíd shacked up with Suzie in self-defense after her career had been made so she could say ĎIím sorry Iím involvedí to would-be paramours. At the time, sheíd let the porn industry sour her on the thought of love. In retrospect, Abigail was amazed even someone as big-hearted as Suzie put up with her, but she did and helped her red-headed lover relearn what her heart was for. If California had same-sex marriages, Abigail would have proposed long since. The only persistent wrinkle in their relationship had been Suzieís perception of her own intelligence -- which, in all honesty, had a basis in fact.
Abigail saw her green eyes in the rear view mirror narrow in irritation. Suzie was sweet, nice to people and had a big heart, but unfortunately what she had in heart she lacked in the brains department. She tried very hard, but still couldnít pass a college-level course to save her life and had barely gotten her high-school diploma. It gave Suzie a bad self-image if she dwelled on it, and had been the reason that sheíd had gone into porn, unlike Abigail whoíd done it after three lean years trying to get "discovered". Lately, sheíd been down to CalTech; the university had been testing a pill which supposedly made you smarter, and Suzie had gotten into the group NOT taking the placebo. Abigail had been worried about it, but her lover wasnít about to be talked out of it so she supported her decision.
She pulled into the parking spot in front of their condo, hoping that her fears werenít justified. She looked down ruefully at herself; sheíd been so worried sheíd pulled on a red-colored robe with cheetah spots, high heels, and nothing else. No wonder why I was getting funny looks from other drivers, she mused to herself ruefully.
She quickly unlocked the door and practically ran inside. "Suzie! Honey, are you alright?"
"Abigail?" Suzieís voice, coming from the kitchen, sounded strange; if Abigail had to describe it, she would have said clearer, somehow. "You didnít have to run home. Iím fine!" Abigail heard a giggle. "Great in fact."
Abigailís eyes widened. One of Suzieís unrealized goals was to learn French as well as Abigail; the last sentence had been dead-bang perfect conversational French. "Suzie?"
The giggle returned. "Itís me, love," she said in English. "Although the new me might take some getting used to."
Abigail hurried to the kitchen. "Youíre scaring me, honey. What do you..." She stopped at the sight of her lover, unable to utter another word.
Suzie had indeed changed. Dressed in gray sweat-shorts and a top that was a mere band of black material covering her breasts, she leaned against the countertop. She had her trademark sunny smile up and shining.
On both heads.
Abigail tried to rediscover her voice, but she couldnít find it. The other womanís right head continued to smile and her left head said, "itís the shorts, isnít it? They make me look fat."
Abigail managed to find her voice and added some oomph to it. "What the hell happened?"
Both heads gave her an exasperated look. "I squeezed a pimple this morning and look what came out," the right head piped as the left one rolled its eyes ceiling-ward. "How should I know? I was fine when you left, then when I went to take a shower I felt a sudden pressure and poof!"
Both heads looked puzzled and answered in stereo. "I really don't know how else to describe it, let alone describe how I feel right now."
Abigail swept Suzie up in a tight embrace. "Donít worry, honey, weíll...weíll fix this somehow."
Suzie pulled back, a mild glare on both faces. Her right head said, "what if I donít want to be fixed?"
Abigail pulled back to stare at the woman. "Are you serious?"
Both heads nodded in unison. "Absolutely," the right head said. "Abigail, Iím smarter now. I can do four-column simple math in my head, speak French and Spanish and my memory is amazing. Not to mention the sensory advantages."
Abigail was very confused. "What?"
"Oh yes," Suzieís right head continued. "Think of it this way; focus on a point directly in front of you. Then, at the same time, focus on a point either directly to your right or left, and pay close attention to both. I can do that now. My hearingís more acute too; Iíve got two sets of ears after all.. I wouldnít be surprised if my sense of smell is sharper too."
"But...I you..." She stammered, unable to speak coherently.
Suzie looked up at her with both heads, tightening the embrace. "Yes, Suzie, Iím still one person. I just have two brains to keep track of things. A lot of things I didnít understand before are clear and...I just donít want to give that up."
The lost look that suddenly surfaced in Suzieís eyes and submerged again jerked Abigail back to reality. She cursed herself. Sheís scared you think sheís an ugly freak and donít love her anymore, you idiot. So sheís got two heads; big whoop. You used to have no heart, remember? Suzie loved you then. Abigail smoothed away an errant strand from Suzieís right neck and brushed the lips of Suzieís left head with a fingertip. "Iím sorry for overreacting, love; you startled me, thatís all. Look, if this is what you want, then Iím behind you. Mind you, itís going to take time getting used to..."
"Oh I think I can help on that score," Suzieís left head giggled. Her right head gave Abigail a smoldering look and the taller woman felt her loverís hand reach inside her robe, stroking upward towards her breasts.
Abigail gave both her heads a quick kiss. "Wait right there; let me call the studio and tell them Iím taking the rest of the day off." Both Suzieís heads nodded in eagerness. Abigail made the call, turned the wringer off, then hurried back to the kitchen on quiet feet. She hugged Suzie from behind, pushed her top down, and drew her hands up to fondle the blondeís breasts. Twin moans escaped her throats.
"Mmmm...add touch to that list of enhanced senses," Suzieís right head purred. "Feels like two people are playing with my breasts at the same time." The blonde turned around to face Abigail.
The redhead smiled and shrugged off her robe. She bent to suckle one of Suzieís breasts, bringing more moans from the blonde woman. She traced a line of kisses down her stomach, pulled the shorts down, and began to kiss around Suzieís pussy.
"Ohhh, stop teasing," Suzie groaned; Abigail couldnít tell which head said it, so intent she was on the prize. With glee, Abigail ignored her loverís demand for a bit longer, teasing her shaved pubic area with licks here and there. Finally, she kissed the pink lips and thrust her tongue deep inside.
Mmm, she even tastes different. Sweeter, Abigail thought. Suzieís thighs clamped on Abigailís head and she felt both of the blondeís hands on her head, pushing her inward. Usually Suzie was slow to come, so it was a surprise when, scant minutes after starting, A double-cry of cry of ecstasy escaped her, and Abigail was quick to lap up the sweet nectar. Quickly she stood up to allow Suzie a taste of herself.
Suzie licked Abigail clean, both tongues working overtime. "Mmm...thank you, love," her left head murmured as her right gave Abigail a tender kiss.
"Anytime, honey," she murmured back. Suzie just smiled, peeled the top off and kicked her shorts off. Abigail, watching her lover remove her clothes, became convinced of Suzieís ability to concentrate on two tasks at once; one head looked at what she was doing while the other smiled at her as she reached a hand out to tease one of Abigailís nipples. When she finished stripping, she pushed Abigail onto the countertop. Abigail smiled and spread her legs. Usually Suzie went straight for her pussy, but as she bent both mouths to her nipples it was clear that her lover had other plans this time.
"What are you...oh, God, that feels soooo good!" Abigail gasped as Suzie applied a mouth on each nipple to tease and suck. It felt like there were two women, one on each breast, both working in harmony. The sensation was driving her wild.
Through the haze of passion Abigail saw Suzieís right head look up at her with a smile. "If you think thatís something, you havenít felt anything yet."
Her transformed lover worked her way down Abigailís stomach like Abigail had done to her before. Twin mouths working in unison, she trailed fiery passion in their wake; Abigail had never felt so aroused in her life. "Did I say this would take some time getting used to? Suzie, I never want to get used to this!"
"Iíll second that," she purred from both heads. Then she stopped and double-frowned at Abigailís pussy.
"Donít stop now," Abigail panted.
"Sorry...itís just going to be a tight fit getting both my heads in position; Iím not sure I can do it," the blonde complained.
"Then I guess youíll have to practice," Abigail grinned
"Well, practice does make perfect," Suzie mused from her left head; both heads were grinning in return. Abigail spread her legs wider for both of Suzieís heads and she crowded them close. Both her loverís tongues began to stroke her pussy in a rhythmic pattern, more in synch than if there were two women down there with years of practice. Abigail felt hot enough to set the countertop ablaze.
It was at that instant, as passion began to build, that she felt it happen.
Suzie was right; the only way to describe it was Ďpoofí. One instant she was a goregeous red-head, normal in all other respects, then she had an addition. She knew she would always wish she had a video camera going at that moment when she grew a second head, but it was a small regret.
So much! God in heaven, everything was so much clearer! Every thought she ever had stood out in razor-edged clarity, and she knew them all. Her calculus class from college was understood and discarded for differential equations. The time a cameraman had tried to impress her by demonstrating his knowledge of the mechanics of a video camera -- she was sure she could build one that would put the best cameras to shame. Sensory information came from more areas; her two brains coped easily. She wasnít quite one person anymore -- Suzie had lied to her about that with good reason, she would have flipped -- but she wasnít really two, either. More like two minds so closely linked they made a composite personality.
"Youíre right, honey," she sighed from both mouths. "It is better this way."
Suzie jerked back as if shot. Looking up at her transformed lover, both her heads gaped. Abigail couldnít resist teasing.
"Surprise, honey, youíre contagious."
"Omigod," she gasped in stereo. "How?"
"Probably through the experiment youíre involved in at the college," Abigail shrugged. She spoke with both mouths at once, relishing in the sensation. "Wonder if this was on the list of side effects?"
Suzie looked very upset. "Iím sorry, Abigail! I didnít mean..."
"Donít you dare apologize, you silly female," Abby said with some firmness, noticing that Suzie now was speaking with both heads at the same time as well.. "And call me ĎAbbyí, please. Why on earth did you humor me by using my full name all the time? It sounds so formal, thereís no closeness in it."
"Because I love you, silly," Suzie said. "And I thought ĎAbsí was stupid."
"It is, but thereís nothing wrong with ĎAbbyí. The next time I get a hoity-toity bug up my ass like that, please squash it." She slid off the countertop, embraced her lover, and shared an intense double-kiss.
"Is that a request?" Suzie teased when she pulled away.
"Absolutely." Abby went for another kiss -- hopefully leading to a continuation of what had been interrupted -- when they heard a knock on the door.
"Whoís that?" Suzie frowned.
Abby checked out the window and saw a familiar car. "Michelle," she said, wanting to bang her heads together for being so stupid.. "Oh my God -- I told her Iíd call! And I shut the phone off! She was worried sick about you!"
"Sheís always been sweet to me," Suzie smiled.
"More like sweet on you. Want to invite her in?" Abby said. Inviting her into their condo wasnít the only thing she had in mind.
Suzie caught her meaning immediately. "Yes. I think sheíll look great with two heads." She suddenly looked worried. "Whatíll we do if she says no?"
" The thought of not telling Michelle what would happen was considered and discarded as unfair; Abby knew Suzie didnít even think such a thing, let alone consider it. She smiled at her lover. "Havenít you seen the way she looks at you? I don't think itís likely."
"True," Suzie said as she headed for the door. "I hope she says yes. Like you said, more is better!"