Only Once A Year
Dani looked up from her computer and gave the welcome intruder a bright, friendly smile as it walked into their dorm room. She noticed the package tucked under one arm. "So, they had one?"
Amanda grinned, her blue eyes twinkling. "Better than that," Dani's college roommate, best friend and source of daily sexual frustration burbled. She placed it on her bed. "Belly dancer."
"You're kidding! I didn't know they made belly dancer two-person costumes!"
Amanda's grin widened. "I know! I was looking at the double-clown and the guy who runs the place suggested this." Wrapping paper exploded in all directions as Amanda attacked the package with her usual enthusiasm. Dani moaned silently at the sight of Amanda tight ass pointing in her direction as the girl bent over. Not for the first time, Dani kicked herself for agreeing to be Amanda's college roommate. The two had been best friends since high school. When Dani 'came out' at her senior prom by bringing another girl as her date, the other girl didn't bat an eye, although yelled at Dani later for keeping it a secret. Her prom date broke up with her a month later, and Amanda was there with words of sympathy and a shoulder to cry on. The tough times she had with her parents after they learned there would be no 'Mr. Right' in Dani's future were made bearable by Amanda's wholehearted support. Was it any surprise Dani fell in love with Amanda?
Dear, sweet, vibrant, straight Amanda.
Dani's love life had been suffering ever since. After all, the reason one dates is to find that special someone to share one's life with -- or at least, that's how Dani looked at it. Well, she'd found her Special Someone and it didn't matter that Amanda only viewed her as a good friend -- Dani just couldn't summon the urge to date. She originally agreed to be Amanda's roommate in the hopes that repeated exposure would cool her desire. In retrospect, the red-haired girl wondered how she could have been so naive, as repeated close proximity only made her yearnings worse. She found herself lying awake nights fantasizing about Amanda's nude body beneath her own, her long straight black hair cascading out like a waterfall, kneading her generous breasts, bringing her to orgasm...
Dani shook her head, her hand unconsciously going to her own coppery curls. Her fantasizing had caused her to miss whatever Amanda had just said; it was starting to become a habit. "I'm sorry, what?"
Amanda held up the costume. "I said, doesn't it look cool?"
Dani had to admit; it did look cool, if a little cheesy. The main costume was composed of a body-stocking with an inner pants-leg big enough to stuff two legs down that were side by side. The body-stocking was a dark caramel skin tone -- much darker than Dani's peaches-and-cream complexion and Amanda's café-au-lait - over which the harem dancer's garb had been placed. A single brassiere stretched across the upper torso, padded to represent three large breasts; Dani and Amanda were both D-cups, but this costume would depict them in the E-range. The pants were a vivid blue, and the pointed-toe slippers -- the one for the middle leg was sized for two feet resting side by side -- were a darker shade of blue with bells on the heels. Around the waist area were hard indentations for whatever plastic bits were to represent gems in the navels. A pair of veils completed the ensemble.
"What, no wigs?" Dani asked.
Amanda shook her head. "Nah; I figured we'd look cooler with our own natural hair, like we weren't born that way and some wizard put us together like that."
"How about the navel gems?"
Amanda gave her a small cardboard box. "In here."
Dani opened it up, and her eyes grew wide. The fake gems glittered like colored ice. "Whoa," she said. "How much did these cost?"
Amanda's almond-shaped blue eyes were wide. "He said they came with the costume. I didn't know they were that realistic!"
Dani held one up to the light. "They may not fool a jeweler, but it sure looks real to me."
Amanda nodded. "So, you wanna try it on?"
"Why, do you think we could get another costume if this one doesn't fit? Halloween's tomorrow!"
Amanda looked chastened. "I'm sorry, I should have gotten it earlier."
Dani patted the girl on the shoulder; she couldn't resist any excuse to touch Amanda's body, which is why she agreed to the double-costume idea in the first place. "Hey, it's okay." Her heart melted at seeing Amanda's room-warming smile. "Sure, let's try it on now."
Amanda quickly stripped down to her panties and bra; another problem with being her roommate was Amanda's total lack of body shyness and sometimes inability to determine if someone else would be embarrassed. Dani had long suspected her friend of being an exhibitionist. At least I get to see her naked on occasion, Dani mused as she did the same.
"So how do we put this thing on?"
"Oh, the guy showed me," Amanda said, holding the costume up. "There's a thin Velcro seal in the front." She pinched between the two collars and tugged; a seam opened up and spread down the front of the costume to the base of the middle leg.
Dani's eyes widened. "Wow. That is one well-hidden seam!"
"Isn't it though? Now first we slide our legs into the center one, finish with the pants, and get the sleeves on. After the costume's zipped up, we put the gems in the 'navels'."
Dani nodded and got on Amanda's left side; Dani was left-handed and Amanda was right. She moaned silently to herself at the feel of Amanda's slender leg pressing snugly against her own.
"Good thing this bra top is big enough for us, huh?" Amanda giggled as she put her left arm around Dani's shoulder. Dani just smiled back wordlessly and put her right arm around Amanda's right shoulder. She wanted to resist the urge to squeeze close but the costume was so tight it did it for her. It almost felt like they were pressing into each other, in fact.
"Last but not least, these things," Amanda giggled, handing Dani the gem for her side. She deliberately waited for Dani to slide her gem in place before doing the same.
Immediately, things got very strange. An electric warmth spread through her; it seemed to be coming from the costume. Calling it "pleasurable" was like calling chocolate "mildly edible"; Amanda moaned in her ear, and her own breath hissed between her teeth in pleasure. She could feel her body shift and melt like clay -- somehow she managed to hold awareness to what was happening. Her right arm merged into Amanda and she felt's Amanda's left arm merge into her. Her right leg and Amanda's left pushed into each other, forming a central leg bigger than either Dani's right leg or Amanda's left one but smaller than the two of them combined. The joining continued along the sides that were touching each other, flowing together. Their central breasts merged into one larger one, and the breasts on either side also swelled in size. As a final touch, the skin tone of the suit became their skin tone. As the conjoinment finished, Amanda and Dani both cried out in passion and collapsed to the floor.
They lay there for a moment, panting. Dani, was the first to catch her breath. "I don't believe it! The costumeit's become our body!" She turned to look at Amanda, who blinked a moment and ran her hand up and down their shared midsection, pausing at the sparkling gems glittering from their navels.
"You're right," Amanda said in wonder. "The parts of the costume that represented clothing became clothing for our new body." She broke out in a grin. "Cool!"
"That wasn't quite the word I had in mind," Dani muttered. It had been hard enough when they were separate, but being merged like this was an even bigger turn-on. She could feel every inch of their shared body; the way their three E-cup breasts strained against the brassiere, the toes of their compound foot, even their two pussies -- one between their right and center leg, and the other between their center and left leg.
"C'mon, let's stand up and look at ourselves in the mirror," Amanda urged. "I wanna see what we look like." Dani nodded and the two rose to their feet; it actually took little effort to coordinate their movements and walk over to Amanda's body-length mirror.
"Mmm...we look hot," Amanda murmured, and Dani had to agree. They appeared to be a two-headed, three-breasted, three-legged woman. Their darker skin tone really brought out the gold highlights in her hair and made Amanda's almond-shaped eyes look even sexier.
Dani turned and looked at Amanda. "Uh, we can change back, right?"
"Of course we can," Amanda answered. "The guy who sold it to me said it was reversible."
"Hold on, did you know this was going to happen?"
Amanda gave her a reassuring grin. "Well, he said it would."
"You could of at least told me," Dani snapped.
Amanda laughed. "You're kidding, right? Dani, I didn't even believe him -- I thought it was just a sales gimmick. Put yourself in my shoes." She paused, glanced down at their center leg and blushed. "Okay, okay, bad analogy."
Dani thought about that for all of two seconds. "No." She sighed. She never could stay mad at Amanda. "Just don't do it again, okay?"
Amanda raised their right hand. "I promise if I ever buy another enchanted costume, I'll tell you first before getting you to try it on. There, you happy?"
Dani couldn't help but giggle. They walked over to the box and took a small index card out of it. "Hmm," Dani mused. "Seems all we have to do is make sure we're wearing everything that came with the costume and just remove the gems."
"Easy enough," Amanda said. Her hand turned the card over. "Hey, here are some restrictions!" Dani could feel the card in Amanda's hand, and wondered if she could control it. She decided to wait on experimenting a bit, at least until Amanda read the restrictions.
"Well?" Dani said."
Amanda cleared her throat as she read. "To ensure restoration occurs, the following three situations must be avoided. One: any injury that results in a cut or an abrasion that bleeds. Two: the ingestion of any chemical such as alcohol, drugs, or sexual fluids derived from other people -- foodstuffs, regardless of how artificial, are acceptable. Three: the gems must not be chipped, damaged, cracked or altered in any way, shape or form."
"That's it?"
Now let's see if this works, Dani thought. She seized control of Amanda's arm and brought the card over so she could read it. There was a little resistance, but then it moved and felt like the arm she had direct control of.
"Hey!" Amanda protested. "That's my arm!"
Dani noticed that Amanda didn't try to regain control of it, or at least didn't seem to. "Sorry, I wanted to see something." Suddenly her own arm reached up and tweaked her nose.
"Armjacker," Amanda giggled. "See how you like it."
"So it's war, is it?" Dani dropped the card and reached Amanda's arm down to Amanda's side of their belly. "Then consider the battle joined!" Knowing Amanda to be ticklish, she dug her fingers in mercilessly.
"Hahahaha! Hey, no fair," Amanda protested. Dani felt the sensation, and it affected too, making her giggle. So that's what being ticklish feels like, she thought gleefully. I like it. Making a mental note to have her next lover -- if there was one -- tickle her during sex to see if it would work, Dani laid in harder, moving up and down their midsection. Amanda tried using the hand on Dani's side to grasp the wrist, but she managed to avoid it. Then, Amanda shifted their weight with a sudden twist before Dani could set herself and the two tumbled onto Amanda's bed.
For a while they lay there, panting. Amanda looked over at Dani and grinned. "You have good hands."
Dani smiled back. "That's what she said, anyway." It was an old joke between them, but Amanda laughed as if it was new.
She stretched their right leg. "Come on, I want to see our new body looks naked."
"Amanda!" Dani blushed.
"Well, don't you?"
Ohhh, I'd love to, I just don't know if I'll be able to restrain myself, thought Dani to herself. She opened her mouth to refuse, but the words stuck in her throat.
"I'll take that as a yes," Amanda giggled.
Come on, refuse to cooperate, Dani chided as they sat up and took off their shoes. Do something! But all her willpower seemed to have vanished, and she was moving in a dream. Amanda wiggled the six toes of their center leg -- two big ones on either side and four in the middle -- and took off first her veil and Dani's. These and the shoes went into the box. Dani almost summoned the will to resist when Amanda loosened the right strap to their bra top, but it evaporated quickly upon seeing the mammoth mammary spill out in all its succulent glory. With trembling fingers, Dani undid her side and the two sat topless, their three breasts standing proudly.
"Nice," Amanda cooed as she placed it in the box with the other clothing. "Now for these." She tugged at their harem pants. "Come on, we have to lean back to get these off." Dani nodded dumbly and complied; they slid the pants off with what seemed to be agonizing slowness, folding them up carefully and putting them in the box as well. They had no underwear to remove.
Amanda caressed the area of flesh between their necks. "I'd say we look great naked. Too bad sex with other people is out, huh?"
Dani didn't trust her own voice; her mouth was dry with suppressed lust, and her loins ached for release. She was surprised the other girl hadn't seemed to notice.
"Hey, roommate?" Amanda's voice was soft. "It's okay, you know, if you want to."
Dani couldn't believe she heard that. Turning wide-eyed to look at Amanda, she said, "Did that mean what I think it meant?"
Amanda nodded sheepishly. "Truth to tell, I have a little confession to make."
Amanda looked really nervous. "Look, this'll come easier if I say it quickly, so wait until I'm done, okay?" She took a deep breath; Dani thrilled at the sensation. "I know you more than like me and I don't swing that way normally but I've always liked people looking at me naked and don't ask how I found out it's too embarrassing but I like to watch people having sex and I've always had a fantasy about being conjoined with someone so I could watch them whenever they masturbate or have sex." They gasped for air a bit; Amanda was blushing rosily. "Okay, I said it."
Dani couldn't help but grin. "So you are an exhibitionist! And a voyeur! I was beginning to wonder if you had a kinky bone in your body."
"Oh believe me, I do."
"So, you like watching people have sex?" Dani began to move her hand slowly down to the pussy between their left and center leg.
"Oh yes. Masturbation, straight or gay, it doesn't matter. I'm only straight when it comes to regular sex. I've tried...oh!" Amanda gasped as Dani's hand reached its goal and massaged the clit. "MmmI've tried fafantasizing about women making love to me, but it just do...doesn't do-o-o-o anything for me...God, you have great hands!"
Dani smiled. "Practice." She massaged the edges of the lips firmly. "Why don't you join me with our other pussy? You do masturbate when you watch other people have sex, don't you?"
"Not always," Amanda gasped. "Some...sometimes I'm not in a good place and have to wait until I am. Notnot a lot of people are into being watched, so I do lots of spying."
"You little pervert," Dani cooed, again teasing around the edges lightly. "Well, you can masturbate if you want. I certainly don't mind. And you'll be having sex with me at the same time, just as I'm having sex with you now, she thought. The pussy was very sensitive -- she was close to orgasm, and hadn't even inserted a finger yet.
"Mmmm...thanks, I think I will." Amanda caressed their right breast, kneading and tweaking the nipple. Dani inserted a careful finger and caressed inside; the sensation almost made her cum right then, but she held on by sheer force of will. Amanda gasped aloud as waves of pleasure crashed through their body, yet her attention seemed riveted on what Dani was doing.
I've got you right where I've always wanted you, my love, she thought. "Do you see what I'm doing?" She purred aloud, plunging her entire hand into the steaming cunt. "I'm sooo hot and wet, and I'm sooo loving it."
"Oh yes," Amanda cried out. Dani could tell their right pussy was very close to cumming. "You really look like you're enjoying yourself."
Of course, Dani thought. That's why you like to watch and be watched. Amanda had always been happiest when people around her were having a good time -- it made sense that it would carry over to sex, now that Dani thought about it. "Oh, I am, I am."
It burst suddenly. Their right pussy came and Amanda let out a scream. Dani tried to hold on but it was too much; their left pussy came immediately, and Dani let out her own scream as an orgasm like no other washed over her.
Later, glistening with sweat, they looked at each other and smiled. "Nice costume choice," Dani complemented.
Amanda dimpled. "Thank you."
"No," Dani purred. "Thank you for letting me make love to you."
"No, thank you for letting me watch you masturbate," Amanda grinned.
"And feel it too," Dani grinned back. "What I wouldn't give to stay like this."
Amanda blinked. "You mean it?"
"Yes I do," Dani heard herself say. She thought, well why not? I get Amanda all to myself, and she gets to watch someone have sex all she wants.
Amanda bit her lip. "You don't mind being a freak?"
Dani shook her head. "Not if means being a part of your life. Amanda, I love you and always will. I can think of much worse ways to spend my life than sharing a body with you, and none better."
"So," Amanda purred. "How do we do this?"
"Hmmm..." Dani rubbed her own chin. "I don't know about you, but I don't feel like cutting myself with a knife so I bleed."
Amanda nodded. "Do you have anyone to call over for a once-in-a-lifetime screwing?"
"It's 'muff-diving' for lesbians," Dani demurred. "And the answer is 'no.' How about you?"
Amanda shook her head. "That leaves drinking."
Dani sighed; it was a dry campus. "Damn. Oh well, I think I have a pin here somewhere..."
"I have some scotch hidden in my dresser," Amanda blurted. "I was saving it as your birthday present next month."
Dani blinked. "You sweet thing." She loved scotch.
"Here, let me show you where it is." Amanda said, taking control of their legs. The bottle turned out to be buried in her underwear drawer. Dani briefly worried about getting clothes to fit their new body, but tabled it; that was a concern for later.
Amnada held it up to the light. "1976," she read off the label.
"Good scotch," Dani nodded.
Amanda shook the bottle. "Bottoms up?"
To this day, it is Dani and Amanda's personal tradition -- one bottle between them, every October 30th, in celebration of their conjoinment.