Trials and Tribulations of Modeling
by Dr. Mercurious
"Hi there, stranger!"
Yvonne, startled, glanced quickly up from where she lay by the pool. Her expression quickly turned into a delighted smile. "Denise! Naomi!" The African-American sprung up from her towel and hugged her two friends. "When did you two get here?"
"The plane dropped us off late last night," Denise grinned. The brunette wore a brown string-bikini almost the same color of her eyes.
"We checked the register at the desk and saw your name," Naomi added. The green-eyed redhead had on a modest one-piece in various pastel shades.
"I'm glad you did," Yvonne enthused. "I haven't seen you two in ages! Pull up a blanket and let's get caught up."
From there the three models chatted and laughed a good long time; they'd first met on a shoot two years ago and had kept in contact ever since. Yvonne was glad to have familiar faces to talk to, since the only other person she knew here was her sister, Jasmine -- and the two weren't speaking to each other at the moment. Yvonne had determined to use the opportunity of the mellow Maui beaches and surroundings to make peace with her sister, and having these two along could only help. "I heard you hooked up with Vlad's show in Europe, Denise. Is he as bad as they say?"
Denise shuddered. "Cu-reepy as hell. The clothes were really nice, but vampirism's just not for me. He turned three girls from the show, though -- got into a little trouble for that since he hadn't made out any Shape Conversion Request Forms."
"For which the local cops were well paid to ignore, I bet," Yvonne snorted. "Glad I turned him down. So what was it like wearing vampclothes?"
"Being able to fly and see in the dark was fun; the no-sun thing was a pain, though."
"No kidding," Yvonne sympathized.
"That's nothing compared to the rough shoot Naomi went through."
Yvonne signaled a waiter for another Mai Tai. "Oh?"
Naomi shuddered. "I hooked up with Merchants of Venice. My lower half was modeling various lacy undergarments while my upper half had to tool around in a wheelchair. The contract was originally only for a week, but somehow my legs got lost on their way back and it took almost a month to get them back."
"Oh my god! I couldn't stand to be that long without a pussy!"
"It wasn't that bad," Naomi said, blushing. "One of the people in the organization let me borrow her legs." She looked at Yvonne. "How about you? Any rough patches?"
"Took a contract with Living Posters for a few weeks," she shrugged. "I was part of a bulletin board. Being flattened isn't bad, but some anti-shapist jerk came by and poked a hole in me -- getting that fixed really sucked."
"I'll bet," Denise nodded, big-eyed.
"Have any of you worked with Doc M before?" Yvonne wanted to know.
"The guy running the show?" Denise answered. "Not really. Way I understand it he was hot stuff in the non-enchanted fashion world who's trying to make the jump. This is his first."
"I wish him all the luck," Naomi snorted. "Most who try their hand at enchanted clothing can't hack it."
"A source of mine said that he's got a killer idea," Denise insisted.
"I hope so for his sake," Yvonne added. "Odds are against him big time. I can't remember the last one who made the switch successfully; in fact designers like him get critiqued even harder. So if he wants to make it, this better be one hot idea."
The next day Yvonne, Denise, Naomi and all the other models gathered in one of the function rooms where they met Doc M for the first time. He wasn't even close to what Yvonne expected. For one thing, he dressed for comfort; baggy jeans, worn jersey, and sneakers. He actually wore glasses rather than contacts, and his hair was muddy brown combed in a no-frills style. The only things out of the ordinary was a battered old-looking lab coat he wore despite the heat outside.
When the last model entered, he stepped up tot he podium and favored them all with a genuine-looking smile. "Greetings, I'm glad you could all make it!" He paused to take a sip from his drink -- looked like scotch on the rocks -- and continued. "Doubtless, speculation has been running high among you as to what kind of enchanted clothing I am producing. All I can say for now is that I wish it to be a surprise." He grinned boyishly. "I've had one article of clothing delivered to your rooms to try on. After you've had time to experience the effects, I will pass out a questionnaire for all of you be filled out -- what could be improved, suggestions, that sort of thing. Any questions?"
"Do we have to keep wearing the clothing to stay changed?" Denise piped up with.
"Absolutely not," Doc M answered at once. "To anticipate your next question, the effect lasts twenty-four hours."
Gasps all around, Yvonne and her friends included. Prismawear, which up until this point had possessed the longest-lasting enchantment, could turn the wearer any one color he or she wanted to be for eight hours; if Doc M was telling the truth, that alone would make his reputation. With an innovative transformation to go along with it...the prospect of being at ground zero for the launch of a new trend was a heady one.
"Will we be provided clothing to wear that will fit us once the changes are in effect?" Naomi asked after the shock had worn off.
"Absolutely," he beamed.  "Oh, before I forget, there is one glitch; once this clothing transforms the wearer, they must abstain from sex while the change is in effect. Otherwise, the duration is extended eight hours."
"And this is a problem how....?" Asked one model form the audience, in a voice whose tone said she thought she was being funny.
"Because if one stays in the altered form for longer than three days, the effect is permanent," came the answer. He gave them a few minutes to mull it over and then clapped his hands. "That's really all one has to worry about. Since I believe that the best meetings are short ones, I free you all to go back to your rooms and try on your article of clothing. I will only say this: we are producing gloves, panties and bras -- the last two items are available in a matched set or not. Feel free to try them on whenever you wish!"
"Like there isn't anyone here who isn't gonna make a beeline for their room," Naomi observed as several models did exactly that.
"Me included," Yvonne giggled. "I can't wait to see what mine urns me into!"
"I'm betting each item of clothing has a different effect,"  Denise suggested, "so why don't we arrange to meet back in the lobby and compare?"
"Sounds good to me," Naomi smiled.
"Make it fifteen minutes," Yvonne suggested. "If I like the effect, I may want to extend it right away." She giggled silently as Denise and Naomi flushed a bit. I wonder if they've finally come out of the closet, she thought. Probably not; openly lesbian models tended to have limited job offerings.
Back in her room, Yvonne quickly opened up the plain cardboard box and pulled out the questionnaire and a matching pair of panties and bra -- red with thin horizontal striping. The note inside said, 'After transformation occurs, please proceed to the Volcano Suite wearing the item of clothing you have received for initial pictures'.
She idly ran her fingers across the fabric; it looked like cotton but felt like silk. A lot of money went into this show, she thought to herself; it was the first time she'd been on location where she'd had her own room instead of having to share.
Yvonne realized she was stalling. Time to see what this does, she told herself. A pleasant tingling sensation accompanied her putting on the panties, a sure sign that the magic residing within was fairly powerful. She took deep, anticipatory breath, and fastened the bra on.
Fireworks flashed behind her eyes; if she hadn't been sitting on the bed she would have fallen on the floor. Powerful transformation magic coursed through her body; rivers of ice and heat suffused her blood. It wasn't painful, not orgasmic -- but it was pleasurable, a heady rush.
Then it was over, so quickly she had to stop and catch her breath. He might want to adjust that, she thought when she could think. It could be a little too intense for some.
It occurred to her that she seemed to be keeping two pairs of eyes closed, had two mouths that were automatically licking lips gone dry with gasping. Cautiously, she opened both pairs of eyes.
She stared long and hard at her reflection in the mirror at the opposite wall.
Innovative isn't the word, she thought, as she laughed out loud with both mouths.
A floor underneath, Denise and Naomi had already tried on their clothing. Unbeknownst to either, each had a matched pair of bra and panties, black in color -- identical in design and appearance. Later, they were to reflect that it was a good idea that their rooms were so close to one another.
Both women experienced a totally different sensation than Yvonne. It felt as if their bodies had become boiling liquid, being poured into another shape and then congealing again. Then, the sensation was over abruptly.
Both girls let out a sigh from the breath they didn't know they were holding. Both were startled upon hearing someone else gasp for breath, very close to their ear.
Denise turned her head to the left. Naomi turned her head to the right. Both women found themselves staring at each others' face; they tried to pull themselves apart, and couldn't. Then they looked down at their bodies.
Or, to be specific, their body.
"Holy shit," they breathed in unison.
 "Excellent pose, girls," the cameraman beamed.
"Thanks," Yvonne smiled in stereo. Denise and Naomi remained quiet; Yvonne had noticed they'd been very distracted and caressing their shared stomach a lot. She nudged their right shoulder. "Come on, let's head to the waiting area. They're probably going to want more pictures later." Denise/Naomi both startled a bit as if their attention had been wandering, then nodded and followed.
There were some empty chairs available in the function room that had been converted into the shoot's dressing room for the models; it also functioned as the area to cool one's heels while waiting to go before the camera again. A number of the other models were already there, and not a frown was to be seen. Here, one blonde gestured excitedly with all four arms at a four-legged brunette; at another, a petite Asian-looking beauty was unashamedly feeling up her four breasts. Yvonne's sister Jasmine also had two heads, and was chatting up a pair of models who had also been conjoined like Denise and Naomi. Her right head looked up as they entered and nodded politely at Yvonne as she entered, with a little warmth. Yvonne nodded back with her left.
"So," Yvonne enthused as they sat down, "you both wound up in Denise's room?" She talked with only her left head.
"Yep," Denise said. "I think it was because I put mine on first."
"There is some very powerful magic in these clothes to do that," Naomi agreed. "Where the heck did this guy come from?"
"Who cares?" Yvonne shrugged. "What I want to know is, what it like sharing a body?"
Denise and Naomi stared at each other for a bit, then turned back to Yvonne. "I don't know if I can describe it," Denise said.
"I'll give it a whack," Naomi offered, brow furrowed in concentration. "Think of it as a hug where every inch of your naked body it touching every naked inch of the person you're hugging. Now, imagine you can feel what that person is feeling as well. Add in the fact that you can still walk around and do things -- without having to stop hugging. Ever."
"Wow. And you both have full control?" Yvonne asked. Both women nodded. "Didn't that make it clumsy, moving together? I mean, how'd you decide who runs what?"
"We just do," both women said in unison, shrugging.
"So what's it like having two heads?" Denise asked.
"Everything I experience is happening twice, but at the same time," Yvonne answered promptly. "It's intense, although being conjoined sound like it's a lot more fun."
Both girls nodded absently as their right hand rubbed their shared belly. Yvonne could practically hear them thinking about having sex with themselves this way. Hell, I'm straight and I wouldn't be able to resist. I'd better not say anything to them, otherwise they'll get stubborn about it. Aloud, she said. "I wonder if the enchantments stack. It might be interesting to have two pairs of arms and four breasts while having two heads."
"Uh-huh," they said in unison. The hand in question had traced their navel and etched a line up to the space between their breast.
"Think of all the fun in bed you could have," Yvonne giggled. "An orgy all to yourself."
"Mmmm." She couldn't tell which one of the women originated the purr. The probing hand had dipped back down to the navel briefly and past, heading for the waistband of their panties.
"I'd be even more fun if you were conjoined. I wonder; is it masturbating or making love when you're sharing a pussy?"
Even that didn't get a conscious reaction. The probing finger had ventured into the panties, and the hand was beginning to follow. Yvonne wasn't surprised by Denise/Naomi's open caressing -- hell, half the models in the room were touching themselves in ways they would never do so in public before -- but it was starting to get her hot. Much more and she wouldn't be able to resist -- and she had other ideas about what clothing she wanted to try on next. She glanced at her sister with an eye; Jasmine was gawking openly as the conjoined pair she'd been talking to had decided to go a lot further -- the bra top was off and the were tugging on their nipples, obviously enjoying their shared sensations hugely. As she'd hoped, the setting had enabled Yvonne and her sister to at least get back to speaking terms. She found herself wondering if things wouldn't improve faster if they were forced to sit and talk their problems out because they shared the same body. Unfortunately, she didn't think she could conjoin with two heads. Her other pair of eyes saw the entire hand disappear into the panties and decided now was the time to say something. "Maybe you two better do that upstairs?"
She regretted it the instant the words left her lips, as the hand flew out of their panties like it had been burned, and both women blushed a beet red. "Sorry," they both stammered.
"It's okay." She saw the photographer come back into the room and gesture at her and the models. "Whoops, looks like we're back on the clock!"
She noticed the looks Denise and Naomi passed each other as they filed out. Even money they'll be doing each other before the day is out, she said to herself. In the meantime, I have to ask Doc M a few questions about his clothing...
Several hours later, the door to Denise's room flew open and a figure stepped through making various sounds of contentment as it stumbled past the threshold; it wore a light floral dress held in place by a single zipper, easy to undo. . It found the bed as if by instinct and tumbled upon it. Twin moans escaped it.
Naomi broke the kiss. "God, I've been waiting for this all day."
"So have I," Denise moaned, brushing a light hand across their right breast. "I never thought being joined to someone like this would be so erotic!"
", care to extend it eight hours?" Naomi teased.
"Love to, she murmured against Naomi's eager mouth. For several minutes, they did nothing but kiss and caress.
Naomi again was the first to break the kiss. "Can I tell you something?"
"Sure, as long as we unzip our dress while you talk."
"Eager, aren't you?" Naomi teased as she took control of their body, sitting up and reaching behind.
"You have no idea," Denise moaned. "I've...I've wanted to make love to another woman for a long time."
"Really?" Naomi was so startled by the brunette's comment that she stopped in the middle of unzipping.
"Really." Denise took control of their arms to finish. "I've been into girls almost as long as I've been into modeling.
" have I," Naomi confessed as she helped Denise pull off their dress. "I've just been so scared of acting on it; you know what happens to models who come out of the closet."
She nodded. "They have problems getting work.  "But...joined together like this," Denise suggested, pinching their left nipple, "who's to say what goes on behind closed doors?"
Naomi groaned at the sensation, then Denise's words registered in her brain and she stared at the brunette. "Are you suggesting what I think you are?"
"We could fill out a Shape Conversion Request Form in the morning," Denise said. "Being together like this is the perfect way to 'come out'...because we don't have to."
"I don't know about that," Naomi hedged. "I mean, do we really want to be stuck together for the rest of our lives?"
"Why not? I mean, we get along, don't we?"
"Yeah, and when was the last time we spent any amount of time together? We've had the lengthy phone conversations, IM Chat and e-mails. This is going a few steps further than that, don't you think?"
Denise sounded hesitant. "I...I guess so. It's just that..."
"I know." Naomi stroked Denise's cheek. "Believe me, I know."
For a while they lay there, thoughts of intimacy forgotten. Both women gazed into each others eyes, not sure what to say.
Naomi finally broke the silence. "Sorry, I didn't mean to spoil the mood."
"It's okay," Denise smiled. "I think I'm the one who originally broke it."
"So what do we do now?"
"Why don't we agree to sleep on it and see what tomorrow brings?"
"I'd say that sounds like a great idea."
Jasmine came into her room late. She wasn't this much of a night owl normally, but having two heads was such a blast that she wanted to savor every waking moment of it. I just wish my second head had a mind of its own, she thought to herself. That would be even better. She bet the conjoined models were having even more fun than she was.
She spied another clothes box on the bed, a twin to the one she'd received this morning. Jasmine opened it up very quickly, revealing a pair of black panties and bra, with a silvery leaf pattern on them. She shucked off her clothes and put them on, wondering what these did.
Instantly she felt warm, sweaty, almost boneless. Her pussy practically burned. A scream -- her own -- lanced the night air.
When she came to, she was laying on the floor, panting. She turned to her right, and discovered her second head bore an exact likeness to someone very familiar...
"We need to talk," her sister said.
 "And...that's it! Great job, girls!"
Denise and Naomi both gave the photographer a big smile. The new bra and panties they'd put on this morning had them on opposite sides, which had caused a few double-takes.
They meandered off to the side to watch the rest of the models. Oddly, Yvonne hadn't shown up yet.
"Where could she be?" Denise fretted.
"They're snapping pics inside the hotel, maybe she's there and we just haven't seen her," Naomi shrugged.
"I suppose." Denise caressed their shared tummy again.
"Yes," Naomi said abruptly.
"Yes what?"
"If you feel like...extending...the conjoinment for a bit I wouldn't mind."
"Thank you," Denise gushed. She turned the red-head's face towards her own and kissed it. "For everything."
For a time, both girls did nothing but kiss each other, heedless to the public nature of the place they were in. Then Denise saw something out of the corner of her eye and looked at it to be sure. "Ha!"
Naomi burst out laughing. "So that's where she's been!"
Strolling along with another group of models was Yvonne, but she didn't have two heads anymore. She was conjoined to another model.
"That's her sister, isn't it?" Naomi wanted to know.
"It sure is," Denise confirmed. "I thought they weren't getting along?"
"I'd say they're getting along pretty well," the red-head giggled.
Both girls lounged, waiting patiently for Yvonne and her sister to finish their portion of the shoot. When they were done, they walked over to where the girls were lounging poolside and sat down. "Hey you two; like the new arrangement," Yvonne smiled. "Let me officially introduce my little sister and best friend, Jasmine."
"'Little sister', our ass!" Jasmine complained. "Just because you were taller than me doesn't make me your 'little' anything!" She was grinning when she said it.
"So when did this happen?" Denise wanted to know.
"Sis sandbagged me with this last night," Jasmine said, stroking her sister's cheek. "We talked about stuff and realized that we were both being silly,"
"Glad to hear it," Naomi enthused.
"That isn't all," Yvonne added. "We grabbed a Shape Conversion Request Form off the front desk -- me and Sis are going to be a permanent duo."
Denise/Naomi sat bolt upright. "What?"
Both women smiled at each other. "You bet," Jasmine enthused.
Both Denise and Naomi were thinking the same thing. They tried to keep it from their faces...but obviously didn't do a good job, because Yvonne smiled. "We actually did talk about that..."
"...and boy did we blush..." Jasmine added.
"...and we came to a conclusion," Yvonne continued. "We know we'll feel each other's orgasms when we have sex; doing this means anyone we make love to is automatically going to cause us to commit incest."
"So yes, we are going to masturbate ourselves until it sticks," Jasmine finished. "We figure it'll be the acid test, a sign that we really want this, if we can go through with it."
"It sure will," Naomi enthused
"What about you two?" Yvonne wanted to know.
The two looked at each other. When they looked back at the sisters, Denise spoke first. "We've decided that although being conjoined is fun -- and we'll probably be extending this a bit -- we'd like to try a normal relationship before going for a permanent conjoining."
"Straight or gay?" Yvonne wanted to know.
"Gay," Denise/Naomi enthused.
"You two coming out of the closet? Way to go!" Jasmine cheered. "I'd say this calls for a drink or three."
"Or four," Naomi agreed.
Yvonne motioned a waiter over, and in a short time four hands held four drinks, each a different kind.
"To sisterly love," Jasmine giggled as her and Yvonne clinked glasses.
"To new romances," Denise added as she and Naomi toasted.
Four throats gulped from four drinks. When everyone was done, Denise frowned. "There's one thing I want to know."
"Only one?" Jasmine marveled.
"Okay, I'll bite; what?" Yvonne asked.
"What's this new line of clothing called?"
"Oh don't be silly," Naomi teased. "He told us, it''s..."
The four girls gaped at each other as they realized that Doc M had, indeed, never named his creation.
"You know what this means?" Yvonne groaned.
"Yeah, he's gonna want the models to come up with the name!" Denise/Naomi answered with a groan of their own.
"Honestly," Jasmine sighed. "Some days they don't pay us enough."
"Sounds like another 'Model Job From Hell' story," Naomi giggled.
"Damn straight! I too a job from Furotica and I told them I was allergic to cats, so those idiots made me a Persian, of all things....