Yeah, yeah, I know, this has taken a FREAKING long while to get back up and running, but back it is and hopefully, regular updates will follow.  Right now, I'll be sticking with stories mainly because I right now lack the money to buy an updated version of CorelDraw that will work under VISTA but I am saving my pennies so one day, I will.  In the meantime, enjoy what I've currently got up, and the works of the other contributors.

My Galleries: This is where all my artwork will be, both new and old.
My Stories: You can find some examples of my writing skills -- such as they are -- here.
Guest Galleries: A lot of talented people have contributed to this site.  Here's where you can find their work
Guest Stories: Some have been bitten by the Muse and taken finger to keyboard in order to produce a story or two in the genre.  Please take a look at their efforts here.
Furry Stories:  Yes, I'm a furry.  No, that doesn't mean what you think.  But it does mean that I have some interesting furry-based stories told in the conjoinment genre just waiting for you to look at!
Links: There are places I like to frequent on the Internet.  Some are excellent sites that deal with the topic of conjoinment, some aren't.  Go here if you'd like to do a little exploring of your own.
Forum:   Through thick and thin, the forum has always Been.  Come on by, we'd love to chat with ya!