I had an idea for a story that never ends.  I post updates to it whenever I feel like and the sequels can be two pages long or twenty.  I'm going to try it and see what people think.  So, without further ado, here's "Raquel's Trade".  It's set in a furry universe where the furs are carnovires, omnivores and a few herbivores (cows, chickens and pigs are just animals, as are their 'wild' cousins).  Everything else is the same as our own world...or is it?
Part One - The Trade
Part Two - Cyndi Speaks Out
Part Three - While Strolling Through the Park
Part Four - Girls' Night Out
Part Five - An Eventful Evening
Part Six - Work Daze
Part Seven - Storm Clouds Gather
Part Eight - Dark Corners 
Part Nine - Art Of Conversation  
Part Ten - The Way Things Work 
Part Eleven - Super What?  (section one) 
Part Twelve - Super What? (section two)
Part Thirteen - Super What?  (final section) 
Part Fourteen - Living Together
Part Fifteen - The Shadow (section one)
Other Stories
Double For Nothing: Neonigma's LONG, long overdue gift-story.  Hoenstly, I don't know why it took me so friggin' long to write, so here it is!  NEW!
For the Weekend:  In a furry world filled with choices for sexual partners, Brianna has special needs.  This need will take her to experience something she never dreamed possible. 
Part One - Friday
Part Two - Saturday
Siamese Violet: I had an idea for a series of drawings from DMA and it turned into an idea for a three (or maybe four) part story.  It's a standard furry universe...except one particular type of furry is born with a most NONstandard power...
Part One - Top and Bottom 
The Unicorn and the Nightmare: An uncautionary taleSet in mystical world of Avalon, home of the magical races, this is the story of two mares from opposite sides of an emnity who nevertheless learn to look past their respective races' dogma and find love.  Spoiler: this story does tie in with the Raquel's Trade universe!
The Uncautionary Tale  
What Savage Breast (Cue Sinister Music): A topless villainess!  Conjoined buxom babes!  Furries!  Talking tits!  Hey, what more could you ask for??  Okay maybe THAT, but I got first dibs!
On to the savagery!