Raquel's Trade
Part 5: An Eventful Evening
by Dr. Mercurious
A sound behind Mike startled him so badly he almost spilled hot coffee all over himself. "Damn!"
"Sorry, Dr. Balto," Ralph, the night janitor chuckled. "Didn't mean to wake you up."
Mike pinched the bridge of his muzzle sleepily. "It's only 10 PM," he chided. "What would I be doing asleep?"
The old frog chuckled. "Because you've probably been here since 6 AM."
Mike gave Ralph a halfhearted glare as the janitor continued his slow trek through his office looking for trash to dispose of. It was true that Mike put in so many late hours he knew the night staff by name, but it was the price he paid to be the best. Good thing he kept his skills sharp because it looked like he was going to need them.
He tapped the manilla folder labeled Pheir, Raquel and Raquel in annoyance. He had his doubts as to whether or not it was their real last name for some reason, but he didn't know why they'd lie to him about it. The dicephalic twins had called him earlier to set up an appointment for later in the week but claimed it had been so long since their last medical exam they didn't have a primary care physician. So, armed with the latest in medical newsgroups and a prodigious list of medical databases, he went looking for their medical records.
He hadn't found any. This concerned him greatly since there was no way a general practitioner could have given them regular medical checkups, let alone treated them without assistance. The configuration of their hearts alone would be a nightmare. It was looking like they'd never had any medical checkups of any kind. If I had their parents in front of me, I'd give them a good talking to, he growled to himself. He could appreciate their unwillingness to have their daughters turned into a modern sideshow attraction but this was just stupid. It looked like he was going to have to start from square one. That didn't bother him; what did was their mental state, something he was unqualified to judge.
Fortunately, he knew just the fur to call.
Mike grabbed the phone and dialed a familiar number. Idly, he recalled Kayleigh had been trying to pick the twins up, and wondered how successful she'd been.
Raquel was trembling, but more from desire than nervousness; Kayleigh thought it was one hell of a turn-on. It was everything she could do to not interrupt her new lover's novice striptease and just tear the clothes from the tigress' sweet body. She schooled herself to patience. No sense making her more nervous, she told herself.
Kayleigh rose from her bed where she'd watched the disrobing, already nude. She embraced the bigger fem and french-kissed both heads. Raquel returned the kiss each time with fervor. "So what do I do now?" Raquel panted with her right head, voice thick with longing.
The husky led the tigress onto the bed. "Just touch me the way you touch yourself when you masturbate, for a start," Kayleigh smiled. "We can get more exotic later if you want."
Raquel blushed. "Well...that is...errrmm..."
"You are not going to tell me you don't," Kayleigh chided, but gently. "If I had a body like yours I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off of it!"
Raquel turned a deep crimson but giggled anyway. "Well, for a long time I haven't because I didn't think I was attractive. Anyway, I don't think your advice will work -- there are a few differences between us."
"Okay, you got me there." Kayleigh began to idly play with Raquel's top right nipple which hardened. "By the way, you don't have to keep speaking with only one head if you don't want to."
Raquel tensed briefly in Kayleigh's embrace, then relaxed. "Thanks," she said with both heads. "I kind of got into the habit because it wierded people out but it's wearing, believe it or not."
Kayleigh snorted. "That's like asking someone to only gesture with one hand." She smiled up at Raquel. "With me, feel free to use as many mouths as you want."
The tigress laughed in stereo. "You're worse than Cyndi!"
"Thanks, I think. But onto the subject at hand." Kayleigh gave the nipple a firm squeeze and bent down to nuzzle the upper left nipple; Raquel sipped air. "Just do what you like, love," the husky continued.
"What's I'd like to do is to get you very wet," the tigress purred. As Kayleigh watched, Raquel angled her two heads so they could give each other a sexy kiss.
Oh my, she thought, profoundly aroused. Raquel couldn't quite manage a full lip-lock -- her heads were too close together -- but she could kiss and nuzzle herself. The effect was like watching two women who shared a body feel each other up. After a few minutes, she stopped and looked Kayleigh's way with both heads.
"No spectators," the left head smiled.
"Yeah," the right continued. "Me and my sister could use some help getting each other off. Care to lend a hand?"
"Oh, gods," Kayleigh groaned. Raquel knew exactly what effect her self-nuzzling was having and was role-playing it out. Kayleigh hadn't been this wet in her whole life. She kissed her way down the tigress' chest, intent on her lover's pussy, and buried two fingers deep into her own.
It was going to be a perfect night.
"Oh this is just fucking perfect," Mike snarled into the phone, forgetting in his fury who he was talking to.
The voice on the other end chuckled. "Naughty, naughty. Take two bars of soap and call me in the morning."
"Sorry, Dr. Thibedeau," Mike apologized.
"Feh! How many times must I tell you, call me Fred," chided one of the world's foremost experts in postnatal birth defects. "Besides, no need to apologize. I feel like emulating my more primitive cousins and biting someone's finger off myself after what you just told me."
A brief image of his mentor behaving like the less-evolved snapping turtles filled his mind, but he shook it quickly. "So you agree that there's no legitimate way the Raquels could have remained hidden from public view."
"Definitely not," came the unhesitating answer. "They would have required specialized postnatal care to make sure there were no other health issues. Someone would have records."
"So it looks like my theory is correct then. Birth by a midwife and then kept as shut-ins. Those poor women!"
"I agree wholeheartedly. Compared to what psychological damage they could have, thinking they're the same person is minor. The fact that they're willing to be examined is a very positive sign."
"Mmm," Mike answered. Unlike himself, Fred was qualified to give an opinion on the twins' mental state, having a master's degree in psychology. Suddenly a thought occurred to him. "What about a prenatal exam?"
"Techniques weren't as sophisticated as they are now, but even those would have given her parents advanced warning," his old mentor said after some thought. "Suitable arm-twisting will probably be required, though."
"Right now I'm feeling pretty muscular," Mike growled.
"You always were a violent little husky," came the good-natured chuckle. "Perhaps that's why I like you so much. By the by, if you need to use my name in vain to acquire those records, feel free."
"Thank you very much," Mike said, taken aback a bit.
"My only thanks will be seeing those responsible for the twins' upbringing strung up by their toes." This time Dr. Thibedeau's tone was icy. "Keep me posted, will you?"
"Of course and...thank you again."
"My pleasure."
Mike hung up the phone, weariness banished like an evil dream. Dr. Thibedeau's name mentioned in the right circles could clear whole rooms' worth of red tape and office politics if needed. Looks like I might actually get somewhere, he thought to himself. He stretched a bit before attacking his keyboard again. He had letters to write and more information to sift through, but by God the Pheir sisters were going to get some decent medical attention for once in their lives. This was going to be a long night even by his standards, but he didn't mind.
"I'm sorry," Raquel panted. "I can't seem to let go."
Kayleigh pulled herself away from Raquel's pussy and smiled tenderly. "It's okay," she soothed. Raquel really did look upset. "Chalk it up to performance anxiety."
"Probably just froze in shock. It's been a long time since it got used." Raquel was speaking entirely in stereo now. Kayleigh found it very erotic.
"Well," the husky wanted to know, "how long has it been, if you don't mind my asking?"
"Five years, three months, two weeks and four days," came the prompt answer. "Not like I was keeping track or anything."
Kayleigh gasped. "Oh my God! You poor thing!"
"Now you're being over-dramatic. I really am sorry."
"If you keep apologizing, I'm going to bite you."
"I've got something else in mind," the tigress purred. She lowered herself down and sucked on Kayleigh's nipples, one head on each. Kayleigh groaned; Raquel had good technique for an amateur and her two heads more than made up for any lacks. Raquel played her natural advantage for all it was worth, just like in the brief role-playing session; each mouth was teasing its chosen nipple in a different pattern. It was like having two women at once who moved in perfect synch. Sudden inspiration struck the husky and she kissed Raquel between her two necks. The tigress spasmed against her, her embrace tightening into almost a bear hug.
"Sorry," Kayleigh panted.
"Don't be," came the enthusiastic answer. "That area's a hot spot for me."
"You should have told me that earlier," she chided. The husky brought her hands up to the base of Raquel's necks and gently massaged the area between them with her thumbs. The tigress' twin purring was loud enough to be an outboard motor. She suckled Kayleigh's breasts even harder and inserted a rough finger into Kayleigh's pussy. Kayleigh jumped back involuntarily.
"Oops," Raquel said, "was I too rough?"
"Just a bit," Kayleigh giggled. Now she was pulled back, she could see Raquel's pussy was practically dripping. "You really like being rubbed there a lot, don't you?"
"Mmmm....oh, yes."
"Got you all hot and wet, did I?"
"Oh, God yes!"
"Well then," Kayleigh began, starting to work her way down Raquel's luscious body, but the tigress stopped her.
"Why don't we shift position," she purred, "so we can both have some fun?"
"You don't have to tell me twice," Kayleigh moaned. She turned around so that her head was positioned between Raquel's legs and the tigress had equal access to her pussy. The husky gave an experimental lick and felt Raquel push her legs almost painfully far apart. Kayleigh was about to complain but realization struck as two tongues began chasing each other using the lips of her vagina as their racing track. Novice she may be, but Raquel had very good instincts and having two mouths meant that one could work on her delicate vagina lips and the other could tease her labia and clitoris at the same time.
"No fair," Kayleigh moaned. "You're ganging up on me!"
Kayleigh felt one mouth stop nibbling at her vagina while the other continued to lick past it. "So? What do you plan to do about it?"
"Oh that is so not fair -- you can eat me out and talk to me at the same time! Cheater!"
"I repeat my previous question." The licking tongue became more insistent.
"I'm going to cheat, that's what I'm going to do!" Kayleigh declared as she fingered the tigress' pussy with both hands. Raquel quivered and gasped in stereo.
It won't be long now before she goes, Kayleigh thought. She felt the wonderful pressure build inside her as well. Won't be long for me, either.
"God, I'm going to cum so hard," Raquel moaned loudly.
"So am I," Kayleigh gasped back. "Let's cum together."
"I'll try...I can't...I...can't...hold it...."
Kayleigh quickly dipped her muzzle into Raquel's suddenly gaping pussy. Delicious juices exploded into her mouth as the tigress came with a double-roar and, not a second later, her own orgasm broke hard. She felt rather than heard her own howl of ecstasy.
They both lay where they were for some time, awash with sensation.
Mike was only flesh and blood. Sixteen hours of work and even the toughest fur will just have to put his head on his desk for a nap, using his arms as a pillow -- just like he was doing now. His computer silently buzzed away at the last command he had given it. Suddenly it emitted a pinging noise and a newspaper article flashed on its screen. The story was twelve or so years old, and told of a young tigress with some sort of tail disfigurement.
It had been exactly what the robed figure had been waiting for. Phaeron concentrated briefly. The computer winked out, its data unsaved. No record of the results would exist in its hard drive; indeed, the place the computer got its information from would have no trace of the data either. Phaeron never did anything by halves.
His life would have been so much easier if Ms. Fayral hadn't made such an outrageous wish. He pitied poor Patricia, who'd had no choice but to grant it; rules were rules, after all. A magician wouldn't have made such a wish, but who would have expected a non-magician fur to be chosen as a Guide? Sometimes I wonder if the Lords of Magic know what they are doing, he sighed to himself.
No one saw Phaeron leave. Nothing recorded his presence. And certainly, no janitor could explain the utterly alien footprint left in a fading coffee stain...
That had been deliberate as well, of course. Rules again, damnit.
Raquel put an arm around the smaller fur as Kayleigh yawned, stretched, and hugged the tigress.
"Wow, we've been at it all night," the husky giggled. "I am going to be sore tomorrow."
Raquel gave her a kiss with her left head while checking the time on the night stand tot he right of the bed. "It is tomorrow, silly,"
Kayleigh never got tired of watching Raquel's two heads do different things. "I wish I could call in sick today."
"Same here."
Kayleigh felt her lover's muscles tense. "What's wrong?"
Raquel sighed. "Kayleigh, there's something I have to tell you. I like you a lot more than I ever thought I could like another femfur and I want to be honest with you."
Kayleigh leaned back to look into the eyes of Raquel's left head. A pit of worry opened up in her stomach as she noted the tigress' troubled expression. "Don't tell me you have a deep dark secret," she tried to joke.
"Sort of," Raquel admitted. "Could you stop by my place around, say, six PM?"
"Why can't you tell me now?"
"Because what I'm going to tell you is so unbelievable even I don't even believe it, and I'm going to need evidence." Raquel kissed her twice, once with each head. "Please?"
"Sure," Kayleigh said without hesitation. The pit vanished upon seeing her lover's twin smiles of pleasure an she chided herself for being silly. Then she tried to get up out of bed and almost fell over. Her pussy ached terribly. "The price of an eventful evening," she moaned.
"It sure was," Raquel purred with a wicked grin. "I just hope next time it isn't all foreplay."
They were both almost late for work. Pillow fights can take a while to resolve.
To Be Continued