Raquel's Trade
Part 3: While Strolling Through the Park...
by Dr. Mercurious
Carl had originally started jogging in Roger William's Park as a way to meet female furs into physical fitness, since he had always thought muscles were sexy on a fem. It had been a good idea, even though the park tended to be a little 'clique-y'; one area was where bears hung out, another was for tigers, a third for lions, etc. It could get annoying at times -- like right now. He waved at an attractive-looking raccoon, who gave him a quick glance and continued her warm-up stretches. All because I'm a lynx, he thought to himself. Some furs took specism far too seriously in his opinion.
He bent down to tighten his shoelaces and heard someone run up next to him. "Good morning," purred a fem voice.
He glanced sideways to behold an absolutely stunning pair of tigress legs; muscular without being over-bulky, just the way he liked them. At the corner of his hearing he heard some commotion but tuned it out for the moment. "Back at you," he said. "Pardon me while I beat my laces into submission."
"Sure." She had a sexy voice; Carl couldn't wait to see the rest of her.
He quickly finished tying his shoes and stood up slowly, letting his eyes travel over her lovely body. Strong legs gave way to equally strong hips and a washboard stomach. She didn't seem to have a tail but that didn't bother him since lynxes don't have tails anyway. Besides, with a body like that who cared? Her secondary breasts were even developed.
He finally got to her face. "Hi, my name is..."
He stopped cold, unable to get the rest of it out.
Two heads smiled back at him from a single pair of shoulders. "No offense, but that's an odd name," the left head purred while the right head giggled. In the background the raccoon was gaping. To the left was a female porcupine in baggy sweats with a guarded expression.
Wow, he thought. "Er...sorry, uhmm...Berl. I mean Clark. Uh, Carl!"
"Pleasure to me you Berl-Clark-Carl. Are there any areas of the park to stay away from? I don't come here often, so I don't know where the muggers hang out." The left head continued to speak while the right head smiled at him.
Yeah, don't be anywhere I'm not, he thought. "Uhmm...no, no it's all good." Oh real smooth, he chided himself.
"Thanks. See you around!" She -- they? -- gave him a good-bye wave and jogged around the corner.
Carl spent the time staring where the vision went. It would be a few minutes before he recovered enough to kick himself for missing such a chance.
Greg had always fancied himself a ladies' man, and had the collection of soiled lacy undergarments to prove it, his own way of keeping score. Even he was willing to admit it was a little odd, but he reasoned no mink was perfect.
He had been sitting by the large fountain sipping on a sports-drink when he saw that delectable tigress jog by. At first he'd thought his eyes were playing tricks on him but he witnessed the reactions of other furs nearby and decided they weren't
Man, he drooled to himself, I bet she gives awesome head. Or heads, as the case may be. Yum. He wasted no time in springing up and jogging along side of her, on her right. He gave his best grin. "Hi, I don't mean to sound corny but 'you're new here' is the best I can come up with at the moment."
Her left head continued to look forward while her right grinned at him "It is a required question, I suppose."
Humor; a good sign, he thought. "My name's Greg."
"And what about your wife's name?" She returned.
Too late, he realized he'd left his ring on. Damn. She saw that real quick, he mused to himself. He didn't bother pressing at that point. A seasoned adulterer, he could tell a lost cause when he ran into it.
Edward was not a happy panther. This was supposed to be my day off, he thought, and here I am on the cell phone with those idiots back at the office. I guess it's my own fault for not leaving the thing back at home. He slowed his running pace down a touch while he talked. "Look, just tell the vendor I'll handle it Monday when I get back in, okay?"
"But he said..." the voice at the other end whined.
"Bullshit," Edward snapped. "He didn't contact anyone last night. It's an empty threat and..." Something impossible passed his vision and he had to turn and take a look.
The retreating back of a jogging, well-built, tail-less and above all two headed tigress filled his awareness. He had every intention of stopping and asking her for her phone number but unfortunately a tree picked that precise painful moment to get in his way.
When his scrambled brains cleared he was lying on one of the park benches with a porcupine girl standing over him. "You okay?"
"Yes," he groaned. "Just stop the world spinning for a bit, okay?" He tried to get up but she restrained him.
"Take it easy," she said. "You just took a solid hit."
"Damn straight," he muttered. He wasn't talking about the tree but felt it impolitic to mention one woman when another was right in front of him.
"My friend Raquel's getting you a cold compress. She told me that if she gets back here and you're off that bench she's going to kick you in the ass."
Edward's wits were still a little scrambled. "Who's Raquel?"
She snorted. "The reason you ran into a tree."
"That's tough," Mike said, patting Kayleigh's shoulder.
The husky raised her tearstained muzzle up to look at him. "I can't believe she'd just leave me like that, Mike! Why can't I find a nice girlfriend?"
Because you always go for looks instead of personality, Mike added then mentally chewed himself out for thinking such things; after all he was the only one of the family who would still talk to her when she 'came out' a few years back. Besides, his cousin wasn't a bad dog, she just had lousy taste in paramours. "You're just having a run of bad luck, that's all."
She sniffled. "Yeah, a long run."
Mike stifled another sigh. He and Kayleigh had made it a tradition to meet once a week on Sundays in Roger William's Park since her job as a police officer and his hospital hours didn't give them much time during the week to talk. "Look I'm sure things will improve," he said.
"Yeah right." Suddenly she was looking over his shoulder, sad expression changing to wonder. "Oh my sweet Lord."
Mike turned, figuring he knew already what she was seeing; a 'hot femfur with a killer body', in Kayleigh's opinion -- his cousin did tend to bounce back quickly. A brief glance at first confirmed his suspicions; a female tiger with good, healthy muscle-tone was rinsing a towel in the nearby water-fountain and muttering to herself. It was extending the glance that stopped him cold. I don't believe it, he thought in amazement. Purely dicephalic conjoined twins? As a thoracic surgeon -- and a damned good one -- he certainly should have heard about these once-in-a-billion women. Out of the corner in his eye he saw Kayleigh stand up. "Please tell me she's real," she whispered in a voice thick with lust.
"'They're' real," he corrected. A lot of furs probably referred to them as one person; he bet they hated that. His surgeon's eye traced their shoulder and chest muscles. They've kept in remarkable shape, he marveled. Almost too remarkable. They smooth way they moved together was almost poetic and the view of their back when they turned to leave was equally as impressive. Furs wandering by were gawking and he couldn't blame them. He saw Kayleigh stand up. "What are you doing?"
"Getting their phone number," she said. "What does it look like?"
"Oh for...Kayleigh, what are the chances they're lesbians?"
"I have every confidence," she stated and continued in the twins' wake without even turning around.
Mike swore and took off after her.
I can't believe what this park is coming to, Janice thought to herself. Her tail swished back and forth, a habit she had when she was annoyed. Admittedly, cheetahs like herself were full of them but she tried hard to suppress those tendencies. Her nose wrinkled as the freakish female tiger administered a cold compress to the suffering black panther lying on the park bench. A large crowd had gathered, all gawking at her. Why doesn't she go back to where she belongs, Janice fumed. She was as tolerant as the next fur but this was just to much. How can she even think she belongs here?
An attractive male husky, a late arrival, took one look at the panther and immediately started barking orders. Janice recognized him at Dr. Balto; he'd performed that quadruple- bypass on her father last year. She'd insisted on no one lest than the best, and the hospital had insured her that Dr. Balto was the leading thoracic surgeon on the East Coast. Her father's quick recovery was testament to that. Oh I see, she thought. That freak must be a patient, I bet. She was probably out exercising on his orders. Still, he should have better sense than to bring her out into the open like this. After all, that's what hospital wards are for.
Janice was getting jittery just standing around here, so she continued her exercise run. There was no reason to stand around here gawking.
Cyndi watched as the ambulance took the panther away and turned to the husky. "Weren't you being a little excessive?" She ventured.
"Not at all." He had good lines and warm, intelligent eyes. "Head injuries aren't my specialty but I know they can be insidious. It's better if he's checked out at the hospital." He turned to Raquel. "Good thinking on the cold compresses; it's a good first-response treatment." he said to her left head.
"Thanks," she said. The right head seemed busy in conversation with a fem husky who looked to be a relative -- and practically drooling over Raquel.
"You're quite welcome." He reached into his fanny pack and drew out a business card. "Here. When you and your sister are done talking to my cousin there, I'd like to set up an appointment to see the two of you."
Cyndi blinked; Raquel's right head stopped its conversation as both heads looked as confused as Cyndi felt. It said, "what?"
"I'm sure you two are having a hard time finding a doctor with the qualifications to treat the two of you," he continued. "I'm a specialist in thoracic medicine. I'd just be more comfortable making sure there's no problems with your hearts."
Cyndi recognized the look her roomie gave him -- Raquel was feeling suddenly belligerent. "And what if 'we' say no?"
"Then I'll find out where the two of you live and take you two in myself if I have to resort to bondage," he returned. "I'm sure the both of you have had your fill of doctors poking and prodding but not having regular checkups is stupid."
Raquel held his gaze and Cyndi had to admire him. He was half a foot shorter and nowhere near as muscular but gave every impression he was not about to take any shit from Raquel. Suddenly both her heads smiled. "All right," her right head said. "It's a date then."
"Great," he beamed. "Give my office a call and we'll set up something."
"Sure," Raquel returned. "By the way, I'm singular."
The male husky blinked. "I beg your pardon?" The fem husky was giving him a very annoyed look.
"I'm not a 'we', I'm an 'I'," she repeated. "My name's Raquel."
A brief flicker of alarm seemed to flash across his face but it was gone before Cyndi could be sure. "Ah. I'm sorry."
She gave him a double-smile. "No problems."
"I'd better go to the hospital and see if he's okay," he said. He turned to the fem husky. "Sorry to cut and run, Kayleigh."
She shrugged absently, eyes still glued on Raquel whose right head turned back to her and smiled. "No problem, cousin." 'Cousin' was definitely stressed.
Yeah he looks unsettled, Cyndi mused as he sprinted off, probably to wherever his car was parked. She couldn't figure out why though.
"So, I'll pick you up at seven, then?" Kayleigh piped to Raquel.
"Sure, I'll see you then," Raquel said with her right head. Cyndi gaped at Raquel's left which gave her a quick wink. "You know how to get to my apartment?"
"You bet." Cyndi didn't think huskies could purr like that. "I've love to stay and talk some more, but Sarge is going to want a report. See ya later." Kayleigh waved and trotted off in the same direction as her cousin. Raquel waved in return.
Cyndi waited until the femfur was out of earshot and sidled up to Raquel. "Did you just make a date? With a femfur?"
Raquel's left head turned to Raquel while the right continued to look in the direction of the retreating husky. "Yep," she shrugged.
"Since when do you lean that way?" Cyndi wanted to know aloud. Mentally she added when you're sober?
Both Raquel's heads looked puzzled. "It seemed like a good idea," she said with her left head.
"Actually, I've always been a little curious," chimed in the right -- almost cutting off the left. Its confused expression cleared up quicker than Raquel's left head too. "I just made sure she understood I was 'just curious' and didn't promise anything more."
"Besides," the left head continued, not looking confused anymore. "I'm sort of starting from square one from a dating perspective. I might as well keep my options open, right?"
"I suppose," Cyndi hedged.
They walked over to a bench and sat down. Most of the gawkers from the accident hadn't dispersed; the reason was obvious, of course. They were staring at Raquel.
The tigress looked at Cyndi with both heads. "So, what do you think?"
"Well, our little excursion was kinda cut short," Cyndi said, "but I've got an opinion. Are you sure you want it?"
"Yes," both heads insisted.
I've got to stop thinking of her second head as its own person, Cyndi chided herself. I have no proof...except gut instinct. Just keep telling yourself, Cyndi dear. Aloud, she said, "Raquel, you could have had a date with just about anyone in this park. Some of them would have bribed you to go out with them."
Raquel beamed. "That's what I thought."
"It could be your attitude, you know," Cyndi insisted. "You act more self-confident now."
"That's because I finally look sexy," Raquel returned. Cyndi took note that she was speaking with her left head; the right was very quiet, almost thoughtful in expression. She still wasn't used to how her roomie could have two different expressions.
"Well no offense, but I'm happy with my one-headed self." She couldn't resist a quick tease. "I just hope Kayleigh doesn't expect more than dinner and dancing on the first date."
Raquel just leaned back with a smirk on both faces. She held a double-stare with Cyndi who finally registered and blushed.
"You...you wouldn't..." Cyndi stammered. Raquel had always maintained she'd never have sex with a guy until they'd been going out a month.
"You might remember what I said earlier," Raquel grinned. She reached over and pushed Cyndi's gaping jaw closed.
Cyndi noted that the right head said that last bit. She still wasn't sure...
To Be Continued