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Guest Artist Links

In A Perfect World:
Arakaraath's online webcomic about a nerf-obsessed dragon and the people who love him.  Good artwork.  His current homepage is under construction, so this link may change.

Arcade:  He's got both a Deviant Art page and a Fur Affinity page, and I highly suggest you check both out.

Ariel: Omigod...it's PINK!  *sssssss* My Kryptonite!  *sssss*   arg arg arg...heh, okay, just teasing.  Ariel's homepage of stuff, both comics and drawings.  This artist done me a truckload of free pics, so be nice and commission something!

Crackspider: This is his Deviant Art page, be sure to stop on by :)

Futagoza:  His Deviant Art site is right here; I can't reccomend his Azalea enough, even if she caters to another fetish.

Gammatelier:  Wow, what a site!  Gamma, aka Gammatelier, has really outdone himself here with both drawings and a modest fiction section as well as guest art.  He also has a Deviant Art site, for the full experience.

Neonigma3:  He has a decent Devinat Art and Fur Affinity site as well; in particular, his Favorites section for both has a lot of different artists in it.

Phish:  His old site regrettably rots in Spam Hell, but his NEW site lives and thrives, so give him some support!

STredwolf: Creator of Stalag '99, a DeviantArt site and a Fur Affinity site.  Whoof, he gets aroud!  He's also a pretty cool guy, which I know from first-hand experience.

Other Conjoinment/Multiheaded Sites

Agent Orange:  Futa and Loli also figures big here, but ti's not all sexual; some of it's cute.  A Japanese-language site.

Doctor Mercurious Is On Call:    This is my Yahoo site; it's a great place to go, there are a lot of wonderful artists showcasing their skills.  The most active one is Theyton, check his artwork in the Photos section

Conjoined and Extra-Limbed Women: This Yahoo site predates mine; it's another good place to go for photomanips both conjoinment-related and not.

The Conjoinment Club:  A Deviant Art site which collects conjoinment pictues and puts them on display; a LOT of variety here

Other Links Coming Soon!