April Fools: By dont_pop_me, a wonderfully strange woman.  This is about a quartet of magician's assistants who reminisce about their favorite tricks.
Black and White : A story by Sweet T, about two women of different ethnic backgrounds who experience some special time "together".
Bosom Buddies: By Whosits.  Two porn starts find a way to have sex that they've never done before!
The Clothes Make the Woman: From Multibreast.  What's the old adage? Be careful what you wish for... 
Double Ds:  Batty Brawni extends her mastery to another form of media! 
Double Dipping: From Multibreast, her very entertaining story of a dream achieved by technology...and its reality.
The Greatest (TV) Show On Earth:  Take two models and throw in the unexpected and what do you get? Read this little gem to find out!
Hot Doggie:  A wonderful story series by Beverly Taff -- I invite you all to check it out
        Part One       
Hot Tub:  Another offering from Cheetah, this one about a hot tub with a rather interesting feature, heh heh. 
Loneliness:  From Multibreast.  A man gains a whole new perspective on what it means to be alone...and a freak. 
Mergeopolis:  WyldBlue, the master of conjoinment horror, displays this little chilling piece.  You know you want to read it....
Multiwoman:  Aaaaaand from Cheetah as well, based on Korben's own 'multiwoman' concept.  Take a  peek! 
 Reversi:  A story from our very on STriker RedWolf; promises to be a series of them.  I sure look forward to more installments!
          Part One 
          Back In 2040
           The First Class 
           Dear RedWolf 
The Tiger and the Mouse: From Cmdr_Mark and Felnarri, an interesting tale about an interesting punishment. 
Together Forever: From Multibreast.  What happens with a conjoinment in which one woman wants it and another doesn't?  Read, and find out!  When you're done, read the second part, Still Together
Tongue-Tied:  Here's a disquieting offering from Wyld Blu, reminding us not all conjoinments are desired...or pleasant.