April Fools
By Andi (aka: Don't Pop Me)
The Note to the Reader: This story occurs after YouInTwo's "The Rubik Prism," the third story in his series, which can be found at the Cyber Magic Performance Club. While you don't have to read it first, it does explain who Jane and Mia are, along with how I and the two girls ended up in our current arrangement.
"Wow! That was a total blast!" Andi bubbled as Cardini slid the cart into the dressing room. Her beautiful, slightly curly, fire engine red hair rested on Jane's shoulders. In fact, her entire head rested on Jane's shoulders as Jane's head was occupied, or rather, occupying Mia's shoulders. Mia herself had her head atop Andi's torso, and was grinning down at her substantially enlarged chest. Behind them, three sets of torso less, headless legs walked. While each had belonged to one of the girls, now another one controlled that set. Andi controlled Mia's, Jane controlled Andi's and Mia controlled Jane's. Normally, a woman would be displeased about not only losing several cup sizes, but losing her nicely toned legs. However, Andi wasn't your normal girl. "This is just too great! Like that time Antonio took me and this Hispanic girl and..." She suddenly trailed off, blushing. Mia laughed while Jane simply looked perplexed.
"Well, girls, its time I restore you and-" Cardini was interrupted by a knock at the door.
"Mr. Cardini, sir. There's someone out here that wants to interview you." Andi recognized the voice as her younger cousin, Michelle. Andi had asked her to stick around in case she needed to be driven home. It wouldn't be the first time she had been left in pieces after a show, even though Cardini had never been the one to do that to her, and knowing Cardini as she did, would never allow that to happen to her against her will (or even with her will). Andi did her best to hide her smile using Jane's hand. She knew that Michelle had a crush on Cardini, but the girl was sixteen year old and thus a tad too young for all this, at least in Andi's mind.
"I'm sorry," Cardini yelled back through the door, apparently not realizing who it was. He'd only met Andi's cousin twice and both times had been right before a show so it was no surprise that her voice didn't ring any bells. "Tell them to wait if they can, I need to restore the girls."
"Ummm... they say it's a high school newspaper and then need to be in bed my nine. ACT test are tomorrow."
"On a Saturday?"
"Yeah, they have to do them on Saturdays so they don't disturb the other classes."
Cardini cocked an eyebrow at the girls, a questioning look on his face.
"Go ahead." Andi made a shooing motion with Jane's hands. "I think we can stand being in each other's torsos for a bit." She pointedly looked at Mia, who's gaze had again drifted down to her now much larger breast. "Besides, if we get too bored, we know how to restore ourselves." She made another shooing motion and Jane nodded in agreement.
"Well, if you're sure..."
"Sure we're sure. Just go, and let Michelle in on your way out, we might need a whole girl to get the job done."
Cardini opened the door and glanced down at the diminutive red head on the other side of it. She wasn't nearly as tall as Andi, or as big around the bust, but the impish smile and flaming red hair made it obvious that they were related. Her face went as red as her hair as Cardini brushed past, passing her a flower he'd pulled out of mid air. She stood in the doorway, watching him walk down the hall to her pimply-faced peer with a tape recorder. She was about to release a puppy-love sigh, but Andi and Jane's giggles interrupted it.
"Hey, cuz, ya gonna get in here and close the door? I'm starting to get a draft over the top of Mia's legs."
"Oh, sorry." Michelle stepped in and pulled the door shut after her.
"Ok," Andi instantly turned as much as she could towards Jane and asked, "what's the most erotic one you've done yet?"
"You know, trick!"
"Well... for an audition for some other magician, I was reduced to a pile of inch-thick cubes. Then the next girl was done that way before I was restored, and then the next and the next, all dumped together in a pile." Jane gave a little shudder with Mia's shoulders, a smile spread across her face. "After that, we were mixed together and shook up before we were restored. I can't explain why, but all those parts of me rubbing against all those other parts of the other girls. I still occasionally have dreams about that." Jane turned to Mia. "How about you?"
"Huh?" Mia looked up at her two companions, noticing that Michelle was also there for the first time. "What was the question?"
"What's the most erotic trick you've ever done?" Michelle blurted, her face going beet red. Andi and Jane nearly fell off the cart, laughing.
"You'll have to excuse my cousin." Andi finally said, whipping a tear from her eyes with Jane's hand. "She's been into magic for quite a while but hasn't found a real magician yet, so she performs her own tricks. I've been spoon feeding her magic stories for years now to keep her interested."
Mia smiled sweetly at the young girl. "Let me guess, this is another session of that 'spoon feeding' with this question, right?"
"You know it!" Both red head's said in unison, matching giggles coming out.
"Well... if you'll allow me to." Mia's hands, or rather Andi's, trembled as they almost touched Andi's breast.
"Go ahead. They're yours right now anyway. Just no bruising, ok? And remember, I've got access to a sensitive part of YOUR body too."
Mia nodded and then bit her lip as she delicately touched her new features. "Oh wow! They're so sensitive! They're real, aren't they?"
"OF COURSE THEY'RE REAL!" Andi and Michelle snapped in unison. Mia jerked her hands back behind her back (or rather, Andi's) and Jane flinched so bad she nearly fell off their cart, Andi having to grab her and Michelle having to grab Andi.
"Sorry," Andi apologized once they were steady. "it's just become kind of a knee jerk reaction."
"That explains you, but what about her?" Jane pointed at Michelle, who was again blushing so bad her ears now almost disappeared into her red hair.
"We.. ummm." Michelle stuttered, moving her hands around like some small animal.
"We've swapped a few times." Andi blurted out, earning her a smack in the back of the head from Michelle.
"Blabber mouth!"
"Well it's true!"
"You two are more like sisters then cousins." Jane laughed.
"Anyway, sorry Mia. Go ahead and..." Andi trailed off, her eyes looking like they were about to pop from their sockets. Jane and Michelle followed Andi's look and were shocked at Mia. She'd removed the red bikini top and was feeling herself up without it.
"MIA!" All three shouted at once.
"Sorry!" Mia responded, blushing, but she still didn't remove her hands. "It's just always been a fantasy of mine."
"Bigger breast?" Michelle asked, the memory of her sixteenth birthday when she'd borrowed Andi's whole body from the neck down as a birthday present. She'd gotten to keep it for a the whole weekend and had much enjoyed Andi's frontage.
"Well... no..." Mia answered, looking down at her impressive expanse of skin. "Having someone else's bigger breast."
"Wouldn't mind borrowing them myself." Jane smiled at the thought of herself walking into a party, a white dress cut low in the front, filled to the brim.
"Yep," Mia gasped out between clenched teeth. "This is it all right."
"What is?" Michelle asked Mia.
"This is the most erotic magic trick I've had done to me yet!"
Michelle giggled. "I know what you mean!"
"Ok, so what's the most bizarre trick you've done yet?" Jane asked. "I'd have to say that this is it for me."
"What about that time you were spread out all over the stage?" Mia asked, still not bothering to stop her ministrations.
"Comes close, but I wasn't on someone else's shoulders, and I wasn't cut up for so long either." Jane hugged her shoulders, originally belonging to Mia. "I might just keep this for a while. You're ticklish, aren't you?"
"Nope! Never been ticklish a day in my life." Mia cocked her head to the side, wondering if Andi was ticklish. Mia had once had a boyfriend that told her being tickled during sex was incredibly erotic, but she hadn't gotten to really test that. Maybe, if Andi was ticklish, Mia could try it out. "And keep them as long as you want. That just means I get to keep Andi's longer!"
"Hey!" Andi snapped, the smile betraying that she didn't mind.
"So cuz, what's your most bizarre and erotic magic trick." Michelle nudged Andi, already knowing the answer.
"Pacifia..." Andi actually breathed the name.
"What's Pacifia?" Jane asked.
"Pacifia was a girl Antonio pulled out of the audience during a performance." Michelle explained as Andi got a far away look on her eyes. "They weren't buying the body slide Antonio was putting my cousin through, even with her breast being two of the things slid around. He picked this gorgeous little Senorita out of the audience, and pulled out another box. He slid her parts all over the place, but the audience still wasn't into it, so he put this extension between the boxes and started mixing up who's parts were on which side. The audience still didn't buy it, so he moved all the parts over to one box, except Andi's left foot and Pacifia's right. He then opened the box, and let them step out in their new shared body. Four arms, four breast, two heads. The audience just went nuts. That's the best performance I've seen Antonio do yet."
"Yeah." Andi sighed, the happy, vacant look still on her face. "Stayed like that for two weeks."
"You stayed stuck together for two weeks!?!" Jane sounded almost. hungry.
"It's called conjoinment, and it's Andi's fav kind of magic, body part swaps coming in second. You should see my friends! My legs are actually my friend's, Megan."
"So where's your legs?" Mia asked, glancing at Jane who now had a similar far away look as Andi.
"Over there!" Michelle giggled and pointed at one of the disembodied pair that had piled themselves side by side on to the couch. The red g-string bikini and fishnet stockings looked absolutely wonderful, even without any of the girl's torsos setting on top of them. "Sis likes to borrow mine."
Nobody seemed to catch Michelle's slip, calling Andi her sister instead of cousin.
"So where's hers?" Mia bit her bottom lip, having found a really "hot spot" on Andi's left breast. It was right beneath the nipple and just a brush against it with one hand had been almost too much pleasure for Mia.
"I don't know, actually. Antonio vanished them during a rehearsal, and then Andi and me shared mine all the way home."
"Shared?" Jane asked, an odd light in her eyes.
"And what's Megan doing for legs while you've got hers?" Mia asked since Michelle had either missed or was ignoring Jane's question.
"Oh, Megan and Belinda, her twin sister are being 'conjoined twins' for the weekend. It's always been a fantasy of theirs so..." Michelle shrugged. "Kinda weird, actually. They're fraternal twins. Even have different colored hair."
"Shared?" Jane repeated, a little more anxiously.
"Yeah, in the sawing in half trick, you just put two tops in the top, and one set of legs in the bottom. We were facing each other, lying on our side, so it was kind of fun. Our legs were at a ninety degree from usual, and we had to hug each other just to walk." Michelle crawled onto the triple splitting box that Cardini had left open in preparation of restoring his two assistants and guest assistant. Glancing over it, Michelle fooled around with the latches a bit, wiggling her butt unconsciously at the three girls. "Yep, standard issue, just been modified a bit."
"How do you know so much about magic props?" Mia had watched Michelle's maneuvering, amazed at how limber and smoothly the girl moved. At one point, Michelle has bent backwards almost in half, and Mia knew then that the young girl had to be a contortionist. Of course, with Michelle's admission that those weren't her legs, it's possible that Megan was actually the contortionist, but that wouldn't explain some of the neck twist Michelle pulled off.
"Well, I can do stuff, like Cardini and Antonio. Though, my tricks just seem to come out a little... different."
"How do you mean, different?" Mia speculatively watched Michelle jump off the side, landing like the ease and fluidity of a ballerina. She'd make a great assistant. Mia thought to herself. Or even a magician.
"Let me show you. I promise I can restore you when we're done." Michelle smiled sweetly at Mia. "Or rather, restore those." It was obvious what Michelle meant by "those."
"Ok." Mia agreed, lifting her arms up as Michelle caught her under her armpits. She giggled, this being the first time she'd ever been tickled, or even been ticklish. She was delighted with the feeling and decided right then to make sure she'd have sex once while she was still ticklish. Michelle lifted Andi's torso with Mia's head smoothly and effortlessly off of the cart and laid it down on the box where a girl's outline was drawn.
"As you can see, my willing assistant is a little short on parts for the sawing in half trick, so I shall perform it in reverse!" Michelle announced to the two person audience as she tightened straps crisscrossing Andi's torso. Mia smiled sweetly in the direction Michelle had spoken, as if they were really putting on a show for a full audience. Andi and Jane had pulled themselves out of whatever day dream they had been in and started shouting things, mainly about the assistant being just a piece of eye candy with tits that big, and about the magician's butt, easily on par with Jane's. Michelle thumbed her nose at them, pulling a black strip of cloth out of her nose at the same time. "I shall now blindfold the assistant!"
"Hey! What are you-?!" Mia couldn't really stop Michelle, having been so tightly secured she couldn't even move her head now. Michelle tied the blindfold over Mia's eyes and everything went dark. She could hear Michelle talking, but the blindfold had covered her ears as well so it was nearly impossible to tell what was going on. The difference in light told her at one point that the box's lid, the sides attached to it rather than the base of the box, closing over her. The sexy feeling of a blade sliding smoothly threw her made her wish her hands were free so she could again touch Andi's oh so large breast. What was odd was that the cut was much farther down then normal, almost at the shoulders. If she was restored like this, she'd be stuck with Andi's neck. She felt a slight breeze over Andi's naked breast, telling her that someone had opened the torso box without opening the head box. She could feel someone grab her under the armpits and set her down on something, gasping as that someone touched her left breast in that one special hot spot just under the areole. After a minute, it felt like someone was leaning up against the legless, headless torso and then a really odd feeling. She couldn't even describe it. She could feel someone lift her torso up and place it back in the box. And then, someone grabbing her legs and putting them in the lowest box, but it felt like something was already in the box. Trying to figure out what was going on, she was totally perplexed when someone opened the head box after closing the torso and leg boxes, and even more lost when someone undid the straps that held her head tightly in place. She felt something placed against her right ear, and then the box shut again.
"What's going on?" She demanded, muffled snickering being her only response. The feeling of restoration as the blades were pulled out was even more erotic than usual, unexplainably slow. As the boxes were opened, she sat up and reached up to pull the blindfold off, but couldn't find a blindfold on the right side of her face. As Mia felt forward, finally touching her nose, she was startled when the set of lips under the nose giggled and it wasn't her giggling. Digging the thumb of her left hand under the blindfold, she yanked it off, Andi and Jane holding a mirror in between them so that she could see herself. "OH MY GOD!"
"Hope you don't mind a passenger this weekend." Michelle giggled again, from her spot just to the right of Mia's head. She noticed that her head had moved farther left than usual, and that her shoulder's, originally Andi's shoulders, were much wider than normal to support the two heads. In addition, she now had three breast, each larger than either of Andi's original breast. Looking to the sides a bit, Mia now had four arms, two on each side. The upper and lower arms were so close to identical, and yet different enough that they wouldn't hold up under investigation. She knew that the bottom arm on her left was Michelle's, and that the bottom arm on the right was hers, or rather Andi's original right arm. Her legs looked normal enough, and were obviously originally hers with the black fishnet stalkings, except that behind them was another set of legs, with a red g-string attached to red fishnet stalkings. Her own left arm, not the one originally belong to Michelle, but to Andi, reached up and tweaked her nose.
"Turn about is fair play!" Michelle whispered in her ear.
"What's going on!?! How did we end up like this?!" Mia demanded, all four arms waving around.
Jane was laughing so hard that she had to burry her head in the crook between Andi's head and left shoulder to keep from falling off, Andi herself snorting with laughter while she supported Jane and lowered the mirror to the ground..
"Since the two hyenas are busy, I'll explain." Michelle rolled her eyes at her cousin and Jane, Mia surprised when her eyes rolled too. "I sort of melted our torsos together. When my left breast and Andi's right combined, we were a little unbalanced, so I spread it out some. Ya like?" The bottom two hands reached up and caressed the outer two breast.
"I like! But what's with the arms?"
All four arms suddenly lifted up, twisting and turning a bit as Michelle looked them over. "Well, some people don't take having to share a body too well, and want their own stuff, so I left your arms separate from my arms." Michelle tilted her head back and put her mouth near Mia's right ear and whispered, "besides, that gives us a hand for each breast and leaves us one hand free for... other things."
"Hey! What are you two plotting?" Andi demanded, her eyes still filled with tears of mirth.
"Nothing, sis." This time Mia caught it, but chose not to say anything.
"Ok why the double set of legs?"
"Ever wondered about masturbating two pussies?" Michelle again whispered into Mia's ear.
"I heard that!" Andi yelled. Given what was said and how protective she was over Michelle's sex life, she obviously hadn't heard and was hoping someone would tip her off. Michelle gave her no such luck and Mia found her mouth clamped shut.
"Hey, when do we get restored?" Jane pipped up. She didn't actually appear to be looking forward to it, and kept glancing up and down Mia and Michelle's body. She wanted desperately to ask if she could be arranged like that, but the only person she really knew well enough here to do that with was Mia and she was already occupied. Not wanting to pose such a question to Andi, she just wanted to get restored and get someplace private.
"Soon as Mia and I get used to moving around enough to set you up in the box." Michelle answered. "Ya want your own torso back?"
"Yeah, I miss being ticklish."
"What's with who's controlling what?" Mia asked, finally having control of her own mouth again.
"Hmm...?" Michelle asked, using Mia's mouth.
"Cut that out!"
Michelle giggled, using her own mouth this time and apologized. "Either of us can control any or all of are parts. If it ever came down to dominance over one specific part, whoever it originally belonged to wins. If we stay long enough like this, it'll actually become impossible for us to tell who individually moved what part, as it'll seem like the idea to move it popped into our minds at the same time. Go ahead, move one of my parts so you can get used to it."
Mia carefully reached her mind out, and took control of all four arms. She realized that she'd done it before, right after she'd discovered her new physical format, but it had been unintentional. Trying to control all four at once was harder than it seemed, her concentration split twice as much as usual. Three hands, the top two and her own right hand, took to feeling the three larger breast, while the forth went down to stroke her crotch through her bikini bottom. She was surprised when warmth spread through two pussies. "Oh I could seriously get used to this!"
"Hey! That's my cousin you're arousing!" Andi shouted, sending both her and Jane into another giggle fit. Mia absently noted that Michelle had moaned along with her.
"Come on, let's get these two put back together so you and I can start enjoying our weekend."
"You'd better not enjoy it too much!" Andi growled, fighting to keep her smile hidden. She could remember that last time she had conjoined with Michelle for a full month during one summer, and knew exactly what was on Michelle's mind. Looking at Michelle and Mia now, she couldn't help but think of Pacifia. I wonder if she'd be willing to stop over for the weekend... I'm sure Antonio wouldn't mind fusing us again.
"Just for that, Jane first!" Michelle took control of their conjoined body and hopped down, deftly controlling all four legs, (Mia now recognized them as her original legs and Andi's legs) and picking up Jane using all four arms. The combined body worked quickly, Mia stepping in at points and controlling her arms while Michelle used hers.
"Just remember," Jane reminded them before they shut the head box. "I want my own torso back."
"Oh you'll get it back." Michelle said cryptically as she shut it.
"Well, M & M, how are you gonna give her back her torso when I'm still attached to it?" Andi folded Jane's arms across her chest and cocked an eyebrow.
"M & M?" Mia asked.
"Yeah, Mia and Michelle."
"Michelle and Mia." Michelle corrected, though she was secretly delighted at the thought of being 'M & M' all weekend. "And I have the perfect way of giving Jane back her torso!"
Inside the box, Jane patiently waited for her head to be severed, but was surprised when she felt the already in place blade at her waist suddenly slid out of place, her feeling of restoration being incredibly different. She figured they were just putting together Andi's new body, and would then sever her head so that Andi could be put on top of it, but the sound of the door opening then shutting lead her to believe that M & M (she'd heard what Andi had called them) had just left. Since Andi was without legs, Jane assumed that she was still there. "Andi? Can you give me a hand? I'm stuck in the box!"
"Give ya a hand? I'll give ya two."
Jane was startled when the voice came from inside the box. Suddenly all three tops flipped over and Jane propped herself up on her elbows, looking down at her new legs, hoping to see her own. Instead of legs, Andi was propped up in a similar position, her head still firmly on Jane's torso. The two now looked like the queen of hearts from a deck of cars, their stomachs running together in the spot where each other's legs should begin. A quick scan of the room told her that both M & M, along with the spare sets of legs, were gone.
"M & M seem to have a combined wicked sense of humor." Andi's voice quickly drew Jane's attention back to their 'queen of hearts' conjoinment. "Guess it's just you and me till Monday. Happy April Fools!"