By Whosits
In an apartment somewhere in Los Angeles, CA.
It was the first meeting in months for two friends who had been busy with their own tours, and the people involved couldn't be any happier because of it.
"WENDY!!" both Lisa Lipps and Wendy Whoppers were equally happy to see each other at the entrance to Wendy's apartment. After a very tender embrace and more than one kiss they were inside, on the couch, catching up on each other's lives.
"…And you would not believe the guys in North Dakota, Wen. This one guy just wouldn't take no for an answer, even after he got banned from the club…"
"…Oh tell me about it, Lise. One of the clubs in Florida had three guys who all wanted to marry me! The cops had to be called in." This comment caused Lisa to shudder in a way Wendy always liked since it caused her breasts to jiggle in a way Wendy always loved.
The conversation went on like this for hours as they related the horror stories and upsides of their most recent tours. Eventually it became the game they played whenever they were together; they would tell each other the worst parts of their most recent tours in order to get the other to shudder until someone couldn't take it anymore and they'd end up sleeping together.
The next morning.
Wendy was the first to start to wake up, she felt a little sore but incredibly happy. I forgot how good she was! I'll have to work out just so I can keep up with her. She opened her eyes to see Lisa and her together on their sides, arms and legs wrapped around each other. "Wake up, Lise," she said as she kissed her best friend in the industry on the lips feeling her both stir and squirm against her. God she feels so good! I had forgotten how much I loved being with her.
Lisa was having the best dream of her life, she was with the only person she'd allowed to let herself truly get close to in the industry, secluded from the rest of the world. It was just the two of them, not a care to be had in the world, so they decided to be kinky and tie themselves together [Wake up, Lise!] and then she was being kissed by the one woman who she could consider the love of her life. This is beautiful, I'm with the best woman on the planet and neither one of us has a care in the world, too bad this is just a dream and I'm with whoever looked good last night at whatever bar I could walk into that didn't have ten guys who recognized me. At that point she opened her eyes to see Wendy's eyes looking into hers. "It's not a dream," Lisa said as she smiled and returned the kiss as they both started rubbing their breasts against each other.
"Round two," they said to each other between kisses, causing them both to giggle before returning to kissing each other again.
Later that morning.
Both of them had finally gotten out of bed (and out of each other's arms) giving Wendy a chance to make some coffee for them both.
"So how long are you in town for Lise?"
"A few days." Lisa Lipps fluffed the paper she was reading, a bit of nervousness in her posture. "Actually I was hoping we could do either a show or have a cameo in a movie while I'm here."
"Ooooh sounds good, found anything we could do?"
"Sorry Wen, not yet, hopefully I'll find something," Lisa said as she walked over to the chair Wendy was sitting in and sitting herself down on Wendy's lap so that she was facing the only big bust porn star she could get along with. "Don't worry though. Considering how well we see nipple to nipple, I'll find something we both like," Lisa continued causing both of them to laugh and get aroused as their breasts brushed against each other.
When they both calmed down, their eyes met. "God, I missed you," they said to each other then curled up in each other's arms to watch some TV and enjoy the fact that right now is the happiest both of them had been in months.
Two days later.
"I'm back," Lisa Lipps called out musically as she re-entered the apartment.
"Did you find anything we could do?" Wendy Whoppers called back as she walked into the living room in a bra and panties (the way they both preferred to dress around each other).
"No, your agent couldn't come up with anything we could do guest shots for. The shortest time he could get us for a movie together was six months." Lisa responded as she walked over and kissed Wendy on the lips and worked her way out of the rest of the clothing she was wearing until she was wearing the same outfit Wendy was.
"Why is he my agent when he can't find anything? You switched over to him years ago, hun," the mock anger and hurt in Wendy's voice was more than apparent as she returned the kiss then helped Lisa out of her remaining clothes, leaving them both in sexy underwear and lacy bras.
"Well, he did have one role we could both do, but it looked too stupid to even consider."
"What was the role, and why only one?" Wendy Whoppers couldn't help but be intrigued at the fact it was only one role.
"It was some incredibly cheap science fiction movie where we'd play some two-headed, alien! It looked like a D movie it was so cheap."
"Too bad it wasn't a DD movie, then you should have considered it," they both laughed at that as Wendy stole a quick caress and a kiss from Lisa who managed to return the favor.
"Actually, I have something to show you, Lise, something I picked up in Louisiana," Wendy turned and went to her purse, producing two necklaces each with half a coin or something at the end of them. "Well here they are, Lise. What do you think? When I saw them, I just thought of us."
Lisa Lipps took one of the necklaces and looked at it, "It's interesting, is this supposed to be a token of our friendship?"
"Sort of." Wendy fidgeted a little. One of the few things they didn't share was Wendy's fondness for pseudo-magical items. "I found this little shop in an out of the way part on the edge of Bourbon Street. The lady who ran the shop claimed she was a voodoo priestess and she claimed that if two friends wore these then they would remain close friends forever. That and that they would look good on us."
"You always were a sucker for this kind of stuff." Lisa smiled and hugged her friend, " and for finding a way to keep us together. Thank you, Wen. Wanna put them on now?"
"Sure," Wendy was as eager to try on her necklace as she could tell Lisa was, which caused them both to run over to the mirror on the outside of the bedroom door and put their necklaces on together, so they could see themselves and each other at the same time.
"Oooh she was right! These do look good on us," Wendy Whoppers was happy as she noticed her necklace was just long enough that the half of the coin she had came to rest just above her cleavage, as did Lisa's necklace. It was as if the chains just magically knew how long to be so that they would look best on these two busty beauties.
"It does, and it looks better than I initially thought. Thank you, Wen-darling," Lisa couldn't help but notice the same thing about both necklaces, causing her to run a finger over Wendy's half of the coin then over her generous breasts causing her to return the favor to Lisa, soon they found themselves fondling each other, and then working on removing each other bras.
"We'll be friends forever without these necklaces, Wen," Lisa Lipps breathed into Wendy Whoppers' mouth as both women practically carried each other into the bedroom.
In a land made of dreams.
I think we're the happiest people on earth right now, Wendy thought as her and Lisa walked along the sidewalk, arms around each other's shoulders and stepping in time so that their legs that were pressed together at all times.
"Wen, don't ever let me go ok?"
"Never, Lise! I'll never let you go." Both women looked at each other, smile, and lean their heads against each other as Lisa start running a finger across one of Wendy's massive breasts.
Wendy awoke with a moan as she realized she was dreaming and Lisa was actually running a hand over one of her breasts. Mmmmmm she feels so close to me, and if I wasn't so tired I could swear I could feel her hand as it stroked my breast. I must be feeling myself up and thinking she's doing it. "Wake up sweetie," Wendy cooed as she rolled her head over and felt Lisa's cheek against hers, opening her eyes she looked to see Lisa waking up from being aroused as well.
"Oh Wen, I had the best dream! I dreamt we were walking along together and we promised never to let each other go. Then I started feeling you up and it feels like your doing the same to me now." Lisa responded as she opened her eyes and looks over at Wendy.
"Well I hadn't done that yet but since you insist," Wendy smiles as she reaches her right arm to Lisa's breasts brushing against another arm that felt like it was on the same side of the body.
"What the…?" Both of them looked down confused to see Wendy Whopper's breasts and what looked like Lisa Lipps' breasts underneath them on one torso. Both women sat up at the same time with a look of utter dread on their faces.
"How did…?"
"When did…?"
"How could this have happened?" Both women looked at each other and realized both heads were now on one pair of shoulders.
Lisa started to panic first. "What happened to us?!?!?!" she almost screamed as she tried to pull away from Wendy but only succeeded in taking her best friend along with her, flopping them both onto their side.
"Lise, calm down! There has to be a good explanation for this, like we're still dreaming," Wendy was doing everything she could to try and calm down her friend as they sat back up. She could feel their shared set of lungs pumping in and out as her new body partner began to hyperventilate. "All one of us has to do is pinch herself and we'll wake up." The reasoning was genuine but the smile that was supposed to back it up was as nervous as could be. I hope I'm right about this, although I will admit... sharing a body with her wouldn't be that bad.
"Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod! What happened to us? How did we get this way?" It was the only thing that was going through Lisa's mind and coming out of her mouth as she put her arms up to her face, when she felt hands on hands she came to yet another realization. "WE HAVE FOUR ARMS? WE LOOK LIKE FREAKS!!!" Both Lisa and Wendy started crying at this point as they both realized somehow at the same time that it was not a dream and was definitely real. All the hands came away from Lisa's face and hugged their now shared torso for more than a few minutes as they just sat there, slightly rocking back and forth.
"Yeah Wen?"
"We should try to see how we look in a mirror." They finally got up through the final sobs they could muster and worked their way to the full-length mirror on the bedroom door, slowly and awkwardly trying to work out a rhythm for walking. When they finally reached the mirror they found both of their heads on a slightly broader pair of shoulders than normal, with Wendy on the left and Lisa on the right. On their body they could tell it was Wendy's breasts and possibly arms for the upper pairs and Lisa's arms and chest for the lower pairs. Below that was the perfect stomach both of them had dreamed of but had never quite pulled off through diet and exercise, which absolutely flowed into a pair of generous hips and long firm legs.
"WOW! We look hot," they declared to each other in unison causing them to look at each other and giggle.
"Wow... together we got the body each of us has always wanted," Lisa couldn't help but marvel as she ran a hand over the flawless stomach they now shared.
"You always wanted to be twice the woman any other stripper is?" Wendy couldn't help but run her hands over their lower pair of breasts as she said that, causing them both to moan. Their breast, normally sensitive enough to 'cause an orgasm just through playing now seemed to have doubled in pleasure.
"Wen, you seem to be taking this really well." Lisa casts a speculative look at her other half. "You knew more about this than you told me, didn't you?" Lisa couldn't help but run her hands over their upper pair, bringing another moan from both women.
"Well sort of, but I wasn't sure," Wendy started with a look that was a cross between embarrassment, guilt, and a pretty strong blush. "The saleswoman said this might happen, if our bond was strong enough to begin with. After I got these necklaces, I went back to the hotel room and passed out that night, and I had this dream of us together kind of like how we are now and it just felt so good. It felt so right! But I thought they were just random dreams and that she was just talking. I'm sorry, Lise! I didn't think this would actually happen. Can you ever forgive me?"
"Wen, I wouldn't have believed you if you had told me this would happen," Lisa brought a hand up to wipe away the tears that were starting to stream down Wendy's face after her story. "Although if you had told me about us sharing a body I would have tried to act that out with you." Lisa couldn't help but giggle and kiss Wendy on the cheek as Wendy started to giggle a little bit as well. "Hey, look at our necklaces!" Lisa happened to glance in the mirror and noticed the halves of the coin at the end of both necklaces had come together.
Wendy looked down at the coin, "Hey there's something written on here," she noticed as she took the coin and turned it around so she could read it. "A good luck charm," she read before turning it over. Upon flipping it, she read the rest. "May the lost souls who wear these be happy they have found each other."
Both women looked at each other after Wendy finished the inscription on the coin. "I'd say I'm happy. Surprised as all hell, but happy."
"Yeah, me too. Now that I've had a chance to take this in I'm glad we're like this now."
"I love you and I'm glad we'll never be apart again."
"Likewise, I missed you so much when I was on the road."
"I missed you so much too." At that point all four arms went around Wendy and Lisa's shared torso in the best hug they could manage as they shared the most heartfelt, passionate kiss they had ever shared with each other in their entire lives. Once their tongues found each other and wrapped around each other they lowered themselves down to the floor. They came up for air and looked at each other, pouring their hearts through their eyes and into each other's.
"New round," they said to each other as all four hands started exploring their new body.
Later on in the week.
"OK PEOPLE THAT'S LUNCH!!" The sound stage became more of a hotbed of activity as everyone started drifting towards the lunch table or outside into the open to take care of one thing or another. However, the crowd still parted to allow the most important bit players through the crowd. And as always, both women did their part to make it worthwhile for the guys and any interested women as they walked back to the makeup area topless and loving it.
"Lise do you think everyone will get tired of us walking through here topless?"
"Probably just the wardrobe people if we keep ruining tops to get out of them, Wen." They couldn't help but giggle and keep winking and teasing people as they kept walking along. They noticed a set of male twins, both nice and beefy looking, practically drooling at them. "All of a sudden I don't feel so bad about taking this role, Wen."
"Neither do I Lise, although we have to figure out what to call ourselves now."
Both of them thought for a minute as they reached the makeup chair, yanking their top back on and sitting down in the chair. "How about we exchange last names? You know, I could change to Lisa Whoppers and you could change to Wendy Lipps."
"Sounds good, Miss Whoppers," Wendy couldn't help but be amused at her best friends idea. She leaned in to kiss Lisa on the cheek but wound up getting and giving a kiss on the lips instead.
I'm so glad this happened to me and my best friend they both thought as the makeup people touched them, putting down today's copy of the paper with the headline ‘PORN STARS SUDDENLY CONJOINED, SHOW OFF NEW BODY IN LOW BUDGET MOVIE' into the girls lap. But right now that didn't matter and neither did the stares of the people who hadn't gone to lunch or gone to run some errand yet. All that mattered to these two women was that they would now always have each other around for all time.