In the Vintage Papers bookstore, a place to buy antique and rare books, there is a very wild party going on. As wild as its owner, Violet Harper, tends to get at any rate.

She very carefully closed the book sheíd been leafing through with delicate glove-covered hands, placing it in a hard-plastic transparent container. Stifling a yawn - - it was after midnight, well past her normal bedtime - - she stood up and stretched. Had anybody been present they would have remarked on what a shame it was that such a lovely brunette, generously endowed with C-cup breasts, should be stuck in the basement of a small bookshop on a Friday night. In fact more than one customer had remarked to Violet on this, usually in an attempt to either try to get her in the sack or set her up with someone.

So far Violet had not taken the hint even when it was applied with a sledgehammer.

Tonight was a good night for her, or specifically, her business. Yesterday sheíd purchased at an auction a locked antique chest; her original thought was to use it for quilt storage. Imagine her surprise and delight when, upon forcing it open, she found three very old books in near mint condition.

So far, sheíd gone through two. One was in French - - a language she new quite well; it was a diary of a soldier involved in the French Revolution. Its historic value alone was worth quite a bit. The second a first edition printing of Hunchback Of Notre Dame signed by the author, was a museum-quality find.

Her hands were almost trembling as she opened the third book. It was much heavier than the other two; bound in dark leather with gold writing on the cover, in a language she couldnít understand. Violet wasnít worried. She spoke Spanish and Gaelic as well as English and French. She was confident that she could make out enough to determine if it had any value outside of its age.

Settling down back at her desk with the mysterious book in hand, she opened it up to the first page and began to read.


"I donít believe it," Zaviel said aloud in sheer surprise. "After all this time!"

She leaned back on her throne of human bone bound in human skin and sipped a jewel-encrusted goblet of fresh hot AB-. Her cat-slit yellow eyes gleamed in anticipation.

Someone was reading The Book. She thought for sure that it had been destroyed. The old priest sheíd run afoul of in the - - hmm, was it the thirteenth or fourteenth century, she thought - - hadnít. Well, his oversight was her gain.

"GROVEL!" she bellowed. "Front and center!"

A scuttling, cringing, foot-tall manlike creature with wrinkled reddish skin and a spiked collar appeared in a puff of smoke. He immediately began kissing her cloven hooves.

Zaviel was not in the mood. "Cut that out," she snapped, flicking her tail at him. "Someoneís reading the book with my summoning spell in it."

"Truly, Oh Exalted Giver Of Pain?" Grovel fawned. "Oh, how marvelous for you!"

She looked around with distaste at her throne room, done in a combination of Medieval Castle and Inquisition Torture-Chamber. "I am going to be so glad to go on vacation," she sighed. She glared at the imp. "Make me presentable."

"Oh but you are, Your Vileness," Grovel whined. "Your midnight black hair, your magnificent breasts, your delicately-curved rams-horns and soft ruby skin, they are the very pinnacle of demonesshood! Why..."

She kicked him hard. He bounced off the far wall and moaned. "If I want a statement of the obvious, Iíll look in the mirror," she snapped. "Draw my bath water; I reek of brimstone. Make sure its real water, mind you!"

Grovel looked horrified. "No rancid milk, Oh Pristine One?"

Zaviel shook her head. "Humans donít like the smell."

Puzzlement warred with the shock on the impís face. "Forgive me, Most Perplexing, but what does one such as yourself care what a human thinks?"

"Itís been three hundred forty eight years, twenty days, eight minutes and six seconds since Iíve experienced what humans call sex," she replied. "Not that Iím keeping track, mind you."

She allowed herself a small smile, revealing gleaming white and very pointy teeth.

"I plan to, as humans put it, get lucky."


Violet was getting a headache.

Many of the words in the book looked like they might be Latin, yet others...she couldnít have said what language they were in. She hoped this wasnít a forgery. That would put the other booksí authenticity in question, and then thereíd be nothing for it except shipping them off to a lab and having tests done. That would be costly, not to mention time-consuming.

"Maybe I should read the words aloud," she muttered to herself. "Then Iíll be able to place them."

Determined to solve this puzzle, she turned to a likely-looking page and began to read aloud to herself slowly. She made a few mistakes.

At the time, that didnít seem important.


Zaviel grinned as she felt the pleasurable tingle of being summoned. "Foolish mortal! Whoever is calling me forth forgot to draw a pentagram!"

"Shall I get the cauldron ready for dinner, Oh Gloating One?" Grovel inquired.

The demoness waved her hand airily. "Not necessary. I think I might be merciful if heís a good lay." She concentrated for a moment. "No, her. Definitely female. Ooooh, this could be interesting!"

She frowned for a moment. "Thatís odd."

"What, Oh Briefly Puzzled One?"

"I donít know," Zaviel muttered. "I think sheís casting a variation of the spell, it certainly feels diff--"

There was a brief, harmless explosion of smoke and silence followed.


Faust -- a noted expert on summoning demons -- had this to say about Demontongue before his unfortunate accident involving a cranky wolverine: "Tayke cayre en lernyng it, for et slythrs lik a snayke; wurds kan haf deferent menyngs."

Loosely translated to Modern English, the warning is simple. Never trust the language of a race that profits by misunderstanding, even if you are a member of said race; it can come back to bite you. In this case a three-word phrase that meant "summon within the circle I have drawn" under Violetís novice translation became "summon as part of the circle of me."


As Violet finished the paragraph a most peculiar sensation spread throughout her. It was one sheíd had very little experience with - - last time was in college when she was in her Ďwild yearsí - - but unmistakable nevertheless; she was becoming aroused.

Carefully closing the book - - sex was sex but books were, well, BOOKS! - - she carefully checked herself over. No rhyme or reason presented itself as to why she was feeling this way.

Stop it, she thought to her tingling breasts and suddenly wet pussy.

Their increasing sensitivity gave a wordless answer: not a chance.

"This is intolerable," she murmured to herself as she stripped. "I canít understand...." She got no further as pleasure ripped through her body. Her pussy cried out for attention, making her legs wobble. She quickly lay down on the floor and began to finger herself, keeping one hand free to caress her breasts. Thoughts of why this was happening were rapidly being replaced by a burning need for release.

Several things happened, in rapid succession.

First, the air around her began to thicken, looking somehow fuzzy to the naked eye. Violet missed this because of the building passion. The next one, that of a outline beginning to form on top of her, certainly got her attention. The fact that she was distracted did nothing to ease her orgasmic build - - in fact it began to increase. As the outline grew more distinct, she began to feel a tingling sensation around her waist, in her right leg and the base of her spine, just above her ass. The outline fleshed out becoming the upper body of a woman, pressed very closely on top of her. Her skin was the color of a bad sunburn and Violet could see that her eyes, narrowed in pleasure, were golden with cats-pupils. A pair of ivory-colored ramsí horned framed her head, and her hair was long and a lustrous black.

Sheíd read enough books to recognize a demon when she saw one. The problem was that demons were myths. Violet tried to mention this in the hopes that the too-real figment would take the hint and leave, but couldnít get a word in; the demonessí mouth fastened on hers with a desperate hunger, tongue wrapping around her own. A corner of her awareness complained that she didnít like sex with women, but the rest of her body told it to shut the hell up as her hands grasped the demonessí body to hold it close. Moaning, Violet blindly caressed her way down the demonessí back tracing it.....and found her own pussy.

"Mmm...wait...somethingís wrong," she murmured against the mouth of her very ardent lover and retraced the path quicker.

Same result. Violet pushed the greedy mouth away, and a quick look confirmed the situation. For some reason, the demonessí upper torso sprouted from Violetís hips, in from of and facing towards the startled woman. Her left leg, which she now realized she couldnít control, was the same color as the demonessí skin, with a cloven hoof instead of a normal foot. She was willing to bet that that thing she now felt at the base of her spine was the demonessí tail.

"Oh, donít stop now," the demoness moaned and bent for another kiss. Violet grabbed her by the shoulders, and received another shock; she could feel the demonessí silky skin under her hands but also felt as if a pair of hands gripped her own shoulders.

"Meaning no offense,"

"Call me Zaviel," the demoness purred. "Youíre very pretty."

"Um, thank, you - - I think - - but weíre in a bit of a situation," Violet hazarded. "Maybe we should postpone this until later?"

The demon seemed to think about this for a microsecond. "No," she said and began to move her torso back and forth, rubbing Violetís breasts with her own. Rational thought vanished at the sensation and she pressed her torso closer against her loverís ministrations. Feeling both ends of the contact, Violet brazenly drew Zavielís head down for another searing lip lock.

Zaviel came up for air; Violet felt the tail snake itself forward and saw it wave in from of her face. "Iíve love to give you a good licking," the demoness leered. "However, I don't think thatís possible, given how weíre currently joined. Therefore, this will have to do."

"Mmmm, for what?" Violet moaned, then gasped as the tail entered her - - no their - - vagina and squirmed around like an epileptic snake. Violet was no virgin, and although her list of sexual encounters was quite small she was sure that no male lover could do with his penis what Zaviel was now doing with that tail; every nook and crevice inside her was being stroked, caressed, and thrusted at. Stimulated beyond endurance, Violet felt the beginnings of a consciousness-shattering orgasm and clutched at the part of her that was Zaviel. The demoness crushed her mouth on Violetís own and they screamed and whimpered against each other as they came.


Zaviel waited patiently for the mortal to regain consciousness, gazing with delight at the body they now shared together, thoughts alight with the erotic possibilities. Bracing her hands against the floor, she began to crane her torso about, being careful not to disturb the sleeping woman. She wiggled the leg that looked like it belonged to her old body but was unable to move the other one, although she could feel it as it lay against the floor. Walking would be interesting, considering that each of them controlled one leg and that she herself would be facing in the opposite direction.

At least I still have my tail, Zaviel thought happily. She saw that the human was beginning to come around and put on her best smile. Bright blue eyes fluttered unfocused for a moment to gaze at the demonessí own.

Zaviel smiled wider. "Iím glad to see youíre awake."

The human blinked, eyes wide. "My word! It wasnít a dream!"

"No, itís not," she agreed. "An interesting variant of the summoning spell you tried, Iíll give you that."

"Summoning spell?" The human said, propping herself up as much as she was able.

"Why yes," she nodded. "In that book you were reading."

"Um, I don't know how to tell you this, but I hadnít the faintest idea what it was!"

Zaviel thought about this and shrugged. "Ah well, so this wasnít planned. Still, I canít complain about the results, ah er....what was your name again?"

"Violet," the human retorted. "And how can you say that? I mean, look at us!"

""So weíre conjoined. I think we look sexy. Really, what is the problem?"

"Could we stand up?" Violet asked plaintively. "I think better when Iím vertical."

"Certainly," Zaviel nodded and pulled herself backward to help Violet raise her torso up to a sitting position. Zaviel wrapped her arms around Violetís neck.

"For equilibrium," she explained to the mortal woman. "Weíre a little top-heavy. Just stand up straight and brace against my hip as I do yours. Weíll take it slowly."

"Slowly...right," she said in a daze. Fortunately there were no mishaps as the two who were now more like one-and-a-half struggled to a standing position.

"Okay, " Violet sighed. "First of all, people will stare and want to ask us questions."

"So? Tell them to mind their own business. If they donít, Iíll roast them," Zaviel answered back. "After the first two or three human charcoals, everyone will get the message."

"Second of all, thereís clothes," Violet pressed. "We cantí go around naked!"

"I can summon imps to do some sewing if you really want," the demoness offered.

Violet tried one more time " will we hold down a job?"

"Do we need one?" Zaviel said with a puzzled expression. "I can always donate part of my hoard to keep up the villa, castle, wherever it is weíll be living. Will a ton of gold be enough?"

Violet pulled back to gape at Zaviel. "A....ton?"

"Hmmm," she mused. "Youíre right; two tons. It will have to last us an eternity."

Weakly, "What?"

Zaviel gave the human an amused look. "Well Iím immortal, and Iím certainly donít want to drag around your rotting corpse when you die. So, while you were unconscious I gave you the gift of immortality. Weíll stay young and sexy forever." Actually I didnít but I can always do that later, she added to herself.

Violet fell silent, giving this some thought. On the one hand, she could go back to her normal existence with which sheíd had very little complaints. On the other, she could be rich, immortal, and have a great lover with supernatural powers at the price of privacy.

It really wasnít much of a choice. She took Zavielís face in her hands. "Well then," she said, kissing her. "If you put it that way, how can I refuse?"

"I havenít Ďput ití anywhere lately," the demoness smirked, waggling her tail. "Since you asked nicely, however...," she snaked the tail around, caressing Violetís breasts before sliding it once again into their pussy.

"Ready for round two?" she purred, licking Violetís ear.
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by Doctor Mercurious
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